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Well the judges have pored over you entries (thanks very much for being so creative, and also rude, and funny) and narrowed the Karmarama limerick competition to a last eight. The quarter finals, if you you like. Except there won't be semi-finals or anything, just this.

Easy to vote: just comment below with the number of your favourite. One vote per user. We'll count them at tiffin time and the winner gets some socks. Deal? Deal.

Limerick 1

There once were some Nu Meeja hacks

Who equated dead cyclists with twats

But with failure to charm

They prevented no harm

And they mostly got up people's backs

Limerick 2

A half-witted latter-day Barley

Hatched an ad campaign wrecked up on Charlie

"Single-speed's SO last week

Now it's all retro chic

You should check out my 70s Raaaaleigh"

Limerick 3

You don't need those Uzis and Colts

You murderous van-driving dolts!

Run over a bike!

As hard as you like!
Cos it's always the cyclist's fault

Limerick 4

When idiots do their campaigning

They dent the compassion remaining

Sensationalist vulture

This heartless blame culture

But all their good karma is waning.

Limerick 5

There was an ad agency called Karma-something or other

Who appear to be a bunch of knobs

I'm not very good at limericks

How many lines are there meant to be?

Ah, 5 apparently, thanks Google.

Limerick 6

An adman from trendy Shoreditch

Came up with the following pitch:

'It's the riders, we'll claim,

Who are mostly to blame

When they're hurt - because life's just a bitch.'

Limerick 7

In the battle between car and bike,
Karmararma gave invective a hike.
Their position was shameless -
"The car driver is blameless".
Twats? Check the mirror, more like.

Limerick 8

Karmarama decided to try
To help stop our cyclists die
Dreamt up a campaign

Did not engage brain
Said sorry and ate humble pie.

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