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Cyclists' GPS data used to improve cycle infrastructure

Fort Collins university and city authority scheme via iPhone

Cyclists in Fort Collins, USA, are being asked to take part in shaping the area's cycling infrastructure by tracking their riding habits with a GPS app.

Using the CycleTracks app, downloaded from iTunes, local riders use their iPhones to track their activity, then send the data to the city authority to help them determine what areas need more bike lanes, trails or signs to help with traffic flow.

The anonymous data began to be gathered this summer and will continue through next summer, according to the Coloradoan.

To date, the project has recorded around 1,000 Fort Collins rides, from around 200 to 300 local riders. According to Colorado State University Assistant Professor Ray Browning, director of Physical Activity Energetics with the Mechanics Lab, it would be ideal to have 1000 riders regularly using the app.

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