Six-bike generator will power the whole gig with a wide selection of local talent on show

If you're looking for a bike friendly festival, then Penny Farthing on May 5 at the Bath Pavillion goes a lot further than most: it doesn't only welcome bikes, they're vital to the whole gig because they provide all the power to the stage.

"Promoting a message of sustainability towards the arts and transport in Bath, the festival will power its sound system solely from bicycle-driven generators", say the chaps behind the festival. The 'Bicycle Bar' generator will take up to six bikes and anyone is welcome to help keep the juice running to the stage. "Besides are the most fun and green way to amplify a live concert. It transforms the festival into a unique audience participation show," they say. You can bring your own bike or use one of the stock machines that the festival will provide.

Entertainment-wise the festival is headlined by Falmouth-based Tall Ships, with Edinburgh Fringe Slam champion Mark Grist second on the bill. There'll be a whole host of other talent on show from music, visual arts and comedy. Local beers and ciders will be served to aid enjoyment and power production. On top of that there will be bicycle servicing on site, freshly prepared food and a small marketplace selling local produce.

For more information on the festival and booking tickets, head over to Adult tickets are a tenner and children get in for £3.

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