Cuddles has signed it, and so have all his mates... and it could be yours!

Okay rolling in a bit later than planned we have a winner for the signed BMC team jersey featuring the signatures of 18 memebers of the the BMC including Tour de France winner Cadel Evans840 of you decided that you'd like to remember that winning team by trying to win the jersey put up for grabs by our good friends at Evans Cycles! The fickle finger of fate has randomly done it's pointy thing and the winner is…


Turns out the Fickle finger has a sense of humour if you'd care to scroll further down the page to jaysal's comment you'll see what we mean. We respect the Fickle finger's decisions in these parts best not to mess with randomness and we're sure Cadel won't mind.

Here's what Jasal can look forward to receiving in the post any day now. We counted 18 signatures on the shirt; Cuddles is on there of course, and the more decipherable ones among the rest include Dani Wyss, Marcus Burghardt and Mathias Frank, you might have to get your magnifying glass and team list out to work out some of the others...

If you didn't win this time don't fret another Schwag Grab will be along very shortly… and it's a corker!


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