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eBrompton announced by West London biker maker

2012 launch for electric-assist folder 'in UK & Germany'

Long-running Project X tease from UK's biggest bike maker is revealed to be an electric-assist version of the popular folding Brompton bike.

For some months Brompton has been mailing anyone who cares to receive its regular newsletters with a Project X storyline designed to build interest in a forthcoming exciting new product.

According to Brompton, guesses at what Project X might be have ranged from a fully titanium Brompton - which would have been nice but apparently not - to a carbon fibre folder - we saw one of them at Eurobike but not made by Brompton - to a pair of Brompton-branded slippers to complement the new Oratory Jacket.

Today, however, it let the cat out of the bag with an announcement that it's an electric Brompton - the eBrompton - that is in the works and it will be rolled out first in the UK and German markets during 2012 with a worldwide launch in 2013.

There are no pictures or drawings yet but they promise a 'powerful electric motor' that will in no way detract from its compact folding size and that it will 'outperform its peers.' Intriguingly, from 2013 there will be a retrofit kit which suggests that the iconic overall shape won't be changing too much. Good news for travellers who live on steep hills, we think.

Potential customers will soon be able to sign up for first dibs but meanwhile they're still teasing.


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