*That is to say, a watch in a box with a Di2 sticker on it

The magic of Di2 has woven its spell… lots of you wanted wanted the very green watch with the Di2 sticker, but only one could be chosen…

chatty31, your time has come.

Send us your address and we will pop your very green time piece in the post just as soon as Mat and Dave get back from Switzerland.

If you missed out on this lot of Di2 Schwag why not console yourself by trying your luck in our latest Di2 Schwag Grab… a set of very special one-off Di2 kit.

For actual info on Shimano's new electronic groupset read about our Ultegra Di2 first ride here, and watch Mat talk you round it on video plus Dave's thoughts after putting some miles in to it too.



Anyway they handed us a big bag of schwag, some of which we'll be offering up for grabs over the next couple of days. First up is this extraordinary watch. Shimano have chosen a rather garish yellow-green as the signature colour for this launch, and the pictures of the watch don't really do it justice, it's very bright.

It's divided opinion amongst the road.cc contingent: Mat owns quite a lot of Liquigas kit and reckons it's just the ticket, I'm not so sure. The upshot of that is that we've got one to give away. Just comment below and you're in the hat. We'll pick a winner tomorrow, whereupon we'll be offering up another tasty morsel from the big bag of schwag. Who knows what that might be?*

*Don't get your hopes up: it's not a Di2 groupset

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