We've been getting the lowdown on dhb's heavily updated wet weather gear...

dhb's Aeron kit was their top-tier gear before Aeron LAB came out, and the Rain Defence name isn't new. This kit is, though: dhb has been forging a partnership with fabric giants Polartec, and the Aeron Rain Defence jersey and bibs have undergone a pretty major overhaul with some impressive fabric specs.

We chatted with dhb's designer Nick Underhill about the new kit, and the Aeron Rain Defence jersey and tights are also going through the road.cc testing mill at the moment, so when they drop out the other end (before it stops raining hopefully, but that's quite a big window round here) we'll get the reviews up on the site. Anyway, it looks pretty well thought through and just the ticket for rainy winter/spring/autumn rides. 

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