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Video: Men in van aggressively accuse cyclist of 'hitting' wing mirror after driver tried to pass

"You're on a f*cking bike – stay to the f*cking side of the road"...

Did the cyclist hit the wing mirror in this video or did the wing mirror perhaps hit him? Clearly of a mind that attack is the best form of defence, the two men in the van very aggressively claim that it was the former. The cyclist claims that the passenger then threw an open bottle of Lucozade at his head when the two drove off.

The incident – which took place in Edinburgh on June 20 at the junction of Henderson Terrace and Muriestron Road on June 20 – can be seen from about 1m50s in this video.

As the van passes, there’s a thump and the wing mirror is bent back. Adult language immediately ensues.

The driver stops in the road a little way ahead and then two men get out to confront the video uploader, Calm Cyclist.

“You’re a fucking cyclist, by the way, right,” says the driver. “You’ve got to fucking stay to the side of the road.”

Asked why he hit the van, the cyclist says he didn’t. The men… well, let’s just say they disagree.

The debate continues and road tax gets a quick mention, obviously.

After this vigorous and emotional exchange of views, the men get back in the van and the cyclist rides away. As the van again passes him, the passenger appears to throw something. Calm Cyclist says it was a full and open bottle of Lucozade that hit him in the head.

Calm Cyclist hasn’t reported the incident. In the comments beneath the video, he expresses little faith that a prosecution would ensue and describes any effort to secure one as “a waste of taxpayers’ money.”

He instead believes that “sharing and shaming is probably the best result.”

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