Best Smart Trainer Black Friday Cycling Deals

If you're sick of training in the rain, take advantage of these huge Black Friday Bargains on smart trainers...

So, you've decided to join the thousands of us in the virtual world of cycling by buying a smart trainer? Well, you've chosen the perfect time to make that decision - it's Black Friday!

We've discussed this before in our '10 best Smart Trainers' article, but these contraptions have revolutionised the cycling training industry. Turbo trainers used to be a winter buy that was a last resort, but now, thanks to the introduction of Zwift and other smart trainer apps, many cyclists are actually chosing to stay indoors to train!

If you're considering a switch to smart training, look no further than the deals we've got for you below on this, the most deal-heavy weekend of the year.

Check back HERE for Black Friday deals as the weekend approaches

Bkool Pro Turbo Trainer and Simulator.jpg


Seeing as we're still a little way away from the Big Black Sales Weekend, check out our Turbo Trainer articles here, and keep your eyes on these articles below for more Black Friday articles

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