11 things we've learned this week

'Unfiltered' Strava, bike-themed fireworks and a Richard Madeley tantrum. Here are 11 things we've learned this week.....

1. Strava image-conscious? Never... 

Is the world's biggest sporting social platform, with a CEO appointed from Instagram, in danger of being hypocritical by encouraging their users to be '#unfiltered'? We'll let you make your own minds up, but there's nothing wrong with the premise in theory, we suppose... 

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2. There are no winners in the Charlie Alliston case 

Kim Briggs (picture via Metropolitan Police Service).PNG

Whatever the outcome of Charlie Alliston's sentencing, the now 20-year-old who was convicted at the Old Bailey of causing bodily harm through wanton or furious driving but avoided a manslaughter charge, a mother-of-two lost her life. It's simply sad for everyone involved, and the number of unique elements to this case plus the archaic charge that the defendant was sentenced for means little precedent has been set for future road traffic offence cases as things stand. 

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3. The post-cycling career choice of Jack Bobridge isn't advisable...

Ecstasy Pills (public domain).jpg

Former world champion track cyclist Jack Bobridge has appeared before magistrates in Western Australia charged with several counts of selling and supplying MDMA. Bobridge had been targeted in an undercover police operation which is looking to crack down on the supply of drugs in bars and nightclubs in the Perth area, in what appears to be a disappointing fall from grace for the 28-year-old. 

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4. You're never too young to start 'Everesting'

Tom Pughe-Morgan and Lukas Nerurkar.jpg


So say a pair of teenage Sussex cyclists, who plan to ‘Everest’ Ditchling Beacon by riding up and down the South Downs hill until they have climbed the equivalent height of the world’s tallest mountain. Lukas Nerurkar, aged 13, from Hangleton and Tom Pughe-Morgan, 14 and from Plumpton Green will have to ride more than 60 times up the West Sussex climb to beat the height of Mount Everest, which is 8,848 metres.

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5. Play by the rules

A465 (via StreetView).jpg

As remarkable as a 43 minute 25 mile time trial is, it's disappointing that Marcin Bialoblocki felt it neccessary to ride in the middle of a dual carriageway while setting the new record, thus being disqualified. The practice of taking the centre line is dangerous both for the cyclist, drivers and other riders who might attempt to pass, and at worst could potentially jeopardise future TT events on British roads. 

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6. Clearer guidelines are needed for submitting traffic offence footage

Near miss (via YouTube).jpg

We recently reported how dash cam footage of a frightening near miss submitted to Greater Manchester Police had allegedly been overlooked on the grounds that there was no complaint from the cyclist affected. Amid confusion about how different forces treat video evidence, campaigners have called for guidelines to help clarify the situation. Hopefully, clearer nationwide guidelines will follow soon. 

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7. Beryl Burton's 12-hour record couldn't have fallen to a more determined rider

Alice Lethbridge 12-hour TT ride (2).jpg

Alice Lethbridge wrote a blog for road.cc on her record-breaking 12 hour time trial effort, and to achieve the feat while working full-time teacher we're in awe of the effort and determination to best Beryl Burton's record. Chapeau, Alice! 

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8. There may be a positive outcome to the danger posed by tram tracks in Edinburgh after all

Edinburgh Trams.jpg

Though they won't be heard in 2019, it's perhaps a step in the right direction that two lead cases have been brought regarding the dangers posed to cyclists by Edinburgh’s tram lines. Earlier this year we reported how injuries caused be Edinburgh’s tram tracks over the last seven years have resulted in a bill for the NHS of more than £1m, with the vast majority sustained cyclists

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9. If you pick up a dockless bike in Oxford, be sure not to stray outside the 'fence'.... 

Ofo bikes outside Said Business School in Oxford (Simon MacMichael).jpg

Oxford’s code of conduct with dockless bike-share firm Ofo means that users will receive a phone call if they park a bike outside the geo-fenced area for more than 24 hours. The move is an effort to encourage considerate parking and ensure bikes are kept where they are most needed. 

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10. Bikes, rockets... what a time to be alive

The latest video from madcap British inventor Colin Furze’s latest YouTube video shows over 1,000 rockets being fired from the back of a bike, with spectacular, if not a tad dangerous, results. Don't try this at home, kids... 

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11. Richard Madeley went full Partridge in a TV meltdown for the ages...

Richard Madeley getting tetchy (via ITV).jpg

While the subject matter was serious, we couldn't help but be amused by Madeley's failure to comprehend the difference between a time delay and an interruption, which was unfortunate for his interviewee, Duncan Dollimore of Cycling UK. Naturally, Dollimore publicly invited Madeley out for a relaxing bike rie to calm him down after the interview...

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