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World’s loudest bike alarm looking for funding via Kickstarter

Device emits a 150db blast when triggered

The creator of the world’s loudest bicycle horn has turned his attention to security. Yannick Read is looking to raise £15,000 via Kickstarter for what he claims is the world’s loudest alarm.

BikeBiz reports that Read has Guinness World Records for the world's smallest caravan and the Hornster – a bicycle horn noisier than Concorde. Both were created as promotions for the Environmental Transport Association. He describes his latest invention, Bike Mine, as “the ultimate deterrent against theft of your bicycle, motorbike, boat or jet ski.”

Bike Mine works on the principle that when thieves come for your stuff ‘in the dead of night’ they are able to carry out their mischief in peace. When tripped, Bike Mine detonates a 150db blast of sound. This is louder than an air raid siren and roughly equivalent to a jet fighter taking off – albeit the sound is of much shorter duration.

Comprising a length of titanium wire, a spring-loaded trap and a small detonator, Bike Mine has only one moving part. It uses saluting blanks, which Read says are legal to buy, own and use in the UK – although not in public places. Read had two bikes stolen from the side of his house and the device is intended for securing your bike on your own property.

Backers who pledge £49 or more will get a Bike Mine and three detonators. Those who pledge £99 or more will get the ‘perimeter alarm package’ which comprises two Bike Mines with extra long titanium wire and 10 detonators. Read says this option is intended for garages, yards or lock-ups.

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Eric D | 7 years ago

"did not have time to empty the shotgun pellets from the cartridge"

But they did lose their firearms licences.

Unwise in UK !

StraelGuy | 7 years ago

Exactly. Mind you, could make a good bike alarm... Someone fiddles with your bike, this thing goes off with a deafening bang and seconds later an ARV full of heavily arms cops screeches to a halt outside your house smiley.

notfastenough | 7 years ago
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In a world where people are carted off for muttering the word 'bomb' in an airport or making an alarm clock, I can see this going horribly wrong.  Think armed police, and you stood there with a detonator, an explosive and what sounds (and probably looks) like det cord.


j@n | 7 years ago

I would love to install this in the bike shed at work. Unfortunately, the bike shed doubles up as a smoker's shelter. Can imagine some of our older employees having a heart attack though if this went off, can see the lawsuits already  1

Johnny25 | 7 years ago

I think you need a certain degree of common sense if you're intending to use a device like this. That may restrict his market!

The Family Cyclist | 7 years ago
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Um starter mine? If they are what I think they are these are nothing new as sold by gun shops under the name of alarm cartridge. Guess it would be modified for the bike as is usually used as a trip wire.

Peowpeowpeowlasers | 7 years ago

Imagine setting that up every day, crapping yourself at the thought that you might accidently trigger it.  And imagine having a small explosive device right next to your rather expensive painted bike frame.

And then imagine kids messing around with it, or your neighbours angrily demanding you shut the hell up when it accidently goes off.

Just put the bike in the house, problem solved.

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