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Insurance firm to offer cyclists cheaper car insurance – because they're better drivers

Firm says cyclists are more alert and road aware when behind the wheel

An insurance firm is to offer cyclists cheaper car insurance on the grounds that experience of cycling on the road makes that person a better driver, reports BikeBiz. says it has been able to demonstrate that a cyclist presents a better car insurance risk than the average driver and has consequently been able to negotiate discounts with a panel of major UK insurance underwriters.

“We think cycling on the road has made you a better driver,” says the home page before going on to explain precisely why it will be offering discounted policies to members of cycling clubs.

“As a member of one of the UK's road cycling clubs you may not realise that we think you're hot stuff – when you're not in your lycra of course!

“Your on-road cycling experience has made you more alert and road aware than the average car driver and that deserves special attention. Let us source you the best car insurance deal via our scheme that rewards you for your improved driving skills.”

The firm says that cyclists are more likely to boast superior spatial awareness and are also more alert to the dangers of the road. They also argue that a healthy lifestyle suggests greater mental agility.

Any cycling clubs interested in finding out more can get in touch with Philip Crocker on 07887 758805 or at philip.crocker [at]

It has long been known that it is beneficial for drivers to have a broader perspective on how the nation’s roads are used and in 2011 on-bike cyclist awareness training was approved as part of an HGV driver's Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). Lorry drivers are taken out on bikes, accompanied by cycle trainers and feedback from the drivers themselves has been that the course makes them more aware of vulnerable road users.

Despite this, earlier this year the director of a Devon-based haulage business claimed that lorry drivers are the best users of the road while cyclists are the worst.

"Whenever a cyclist is run over by a lorry, the driver gets blamed, which is wrong,” said Bill Hocking, who runs Barnstaple-based William C Hockin Transport. “They need educating,” he added.

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