Metropolitan police investigating incident in Hornchurch

On the day that a man handed himself in to police after a video of an altercation between a van driver and a cyclist went viral on social media, it has emerged that the cyclist involved had aleady reported the incident to the police.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said that the force was made aware of the incident on December 8. No allegation of crime was made and no further action was taken.

When police in Havering became aware of the video, Havering CID spoke to the cyclist involved, but he told them he did not want to pursue the case.

In the video, the cyclist falls off his bike after the van is used to close the gap between the vehicle and the kerb.

The driver of the van then emerges and appears to assault the rider.

From the decals on its side, the van has been widely identified as belonging to Taylor Landscaping, based in Ramsden Heath, Essex.

A road.cc reader yesterday identified the location of the incident as Hornchurch.

A spokesman for Essex Police told the Echo News: "A man has voluntarily attended a Chelmsford Police station this morning to give an account of the incident.

“It has now been established that this incident took place in the Hornchurch area and the matter has been passed to the Met police to investigate.”

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said: "On December 8, 2014, police were made aware of a personal injury collision between a cyclist and a van.

"The incident occurred on December 5, 2014, in Butts Green Road, Emerson Park, Havering at approximately 11:40hrs.

"No allegation of crime was made and no further action was taken was taken by police.

"On Friday, 16 January 2015, Havering police became aware of a YouTube video which appeared to show a cyclist being assaulted.

"Havering CID spoke to the cyclist. He informed police that he did not wish to pursue any further allegations.
On Friday, 16 January a 34-year-old man attended an east London police station and was interviewed under caution.

"Enquiries continue."

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