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Kickstarter: Resolute Bay jeans, Green Guru Hauler bag and 3W Reprieve saddle

Three of the latest cycling products from Kickstarter including commuter jeans, a saddle and a messenger bag

Kickstarter is a veritable hive of new cycling products, and while some of the projects vying for funding are a little crazy, there are some genuinely interesting ideas that fully deserve all the funding they can get. Here are three of the latest projects currently seeking funding. 


Resolute Bay Commuter Jeans

There are some daft ideas on Kickstarter, but occasionally there are some really interesting projects. The Resolute Bay Commuter Jeans is one such example of a product that does appear to solve a problem. They attempt to solve a common issue when cycling in jeans, that of the back riding low and exposing a bit more than you planned to.

Resolute have added a wide zip at the back of the jeans that when open expands the fit of the jeans, improving the fit when you’re on the bike. The material exposed by this zipper is reflective, so not only are you benefiting from improved fit, but you’re also increasing your visibility to other road users. It's a win all round.

There are more reflective details in the hem when it’s rolled up. The jeans are made from a choice of materials, 12-13oz Japanese Kuroki Selvedge Denim or 10oz Cordura Denim. The jeans are handmade in England.

They’ve reached £2,076 of their £5,000 funding goal with 14 days to go. To pledge your support and receive a pair of jeans will cost you £70. More details here.

Green Guru Hauler Convertible Saddle Bag

The Hauler is convertible roll top bag that can either be worn as a messenger bag, or attached to the bike as a saddle bag. Neat huh? It connects to the bike with Velcro straps around the seatpost and saddle rails, and for off the bag use a shoulder strap is provided.

They’re offering two versions of the bag, one is made from recycled inner tubes and other salvaged materials, and the other is made from upcycled heavy duty nylon materials with a tough, water resistant liner. Both are hand built in Colorado, USA.

There are easy access pockets on the outside for things like keys and wallet that you might need quickly. The inventors don’t specify how much storage capacity the bag offers other than to say it is “a substantial amount.”

Anyway, they're currently at $1,395 of a $5,000 goal, with 43 days remaining. 

Read more about it here. 

3W Reprieve saddle

Okay, so we said there were some crazy ideas, this might just be one of them, but then again maybe we're being too hasty in our judgement. Just when you thought it wasn’t possible to redesign the humble saddle, along comes 3W with their unique Reprieve saddle. It’s the result of two years work apparently, and the has two key features that the inventors claims solves discomfort problems with current saddle designs (the sort of current saddles we get on with just fine).

Firstly, it has a bow shape (the middle section is substantially dropped compared to the nose and tail) that they claim better fits the body. Secondly, the saddle incorporates an inflatable bladder in the nose section - there’s a valve under the saddle and you can inflate or deflate the bladder as required. This bladder, claims the inventors, ensures the saddle moves with the cyclist when pedalling.

Says 3W: "The advanced design drops the midsection 3/4", accounting for the true shape of the body. The shape allows the sit bones to absorb the majority of your weight. We give the perineum and genitals relief as they touch nothing until the sit bones hit the saddle. This different cut simply makes sense and is evident from the moment you sit on the saddle."

They’ve garnered plenty of backers, 63 people have so far pledged their support. They’re someway short of their $25,000 goal though, currently standing at $8,326. Still, with 23 days to go yet, they might just make it. It’ll cost you $200 to pledge and get one of the Reprieve saddles.

See it in full here. 

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