Friend of mine lost his job and sadly has to sell this wonder of the world. He bought it in 2012 and has been ridden for very few times, 1200 miles says Garmin  1

We're selling the whole bike except for the wheels.

Here are the specs:

Cervelo S5 Team frame Size 54
Crankset: Zipp buma quad BB30 110 Compac
Shifters + front/rear derailleurs: Campagnolo Record EPS
Cassette + Brake calipers: Campagnolo Super Record

Is a 9k worth bike being sold for half price. I'd ask for 4500 but we can discuss it. More info at 07450235806


Raleigh [1667 posts] 4 years ago

Why are you selling it for your friend?

Could easily fetch 6k I would've thought.

guigu [8 posts] 4 years ago

Basicaly because he is in Spain (I'm spanish involved in 3 different cycling groups), as you'd be aware now we're properly f***ed and no one can afford a bike like this down there so I just try to help him advertising in UK (I live in London).

Note the bike is sold without wheels, I'm just asking the same money he asks in Spain plus delivery.

The sad thing is he's not the only one, so more bikes will arise I'm afraid!