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planet X pro carbon

again another cycle 2 work bike. Any comments on pro carbon SL? for stouter riders of a more upright position.

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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dave atkinson | 15 years ago

The Pro Carbon SL is a great value for money carbon steed and we know that quite a few of them get shifted via Cyclescheme. It's worth bearing in mind that any purchase over £1000 on CS requires your employer to have a Consumer Credit Licence, so while the bare bike scrapes in you'll have to pay full whack for those accessories...

Stoutness-wise and position wise? well it's not sold with a weight limit AFAIK, so you should be fine for weight. Position-wise? It's built for speed, so the position is fairly low. You can raise it a bit by not cutting down the steerer when it's put together, and padding it out with a couple of spacers. Give the boys at Planet X a ring - they know their stuff and are normally more than happy to help.

grueller replied to dave atkinson | 15 years ago

Probably need spacers.Ta

the-daily-ripper replied to grueller | 15 years ago

I have one as my commuting bike. It's plenty stiff enough (not in the same league as my BMC), but it does the job. It's not the lightest carbon frame out there, so I probably wouldn't buy it as a frame only option, but when spec'd, the price they do them for is silly good.

Size wise, at 5'10" I have a medium, and it's at the top end of acceptable as it's pretty compact, so any bigger I'd go for a large. That said, the finishing kit is of acceptable quality, not going to set the world alight but functionally good enough and not overly weighty.

The ride is good enough. There's no 'zing' per se, and if anything it suffers for the stiffness of the back end and the wide diameter tubing and can feel a little dead if you're used to maybe a Ti or higher end carbon. But the added bonus of this is that you get good acceleration when hammering out the saddle. Tracking from the fork is good, and there's no noticeable flex in the frame when you're leaning into corners.

But the bike really comes into its own when you look at it for value, I'm not sure there's anything out there that's as well specced for the money, perhaps maybe one of the focus bikes from Wiggle. If there's one thing I would change from the stock spec pretty soon into ownership it would be the wheels - some lightweightish wheels would add a combination of light weight and a bit more flex to really bring the frame to life. I normally run mine with Mavic Aksiums to deal with the London roads / traffic, but it does feel better with my Easton Orion II's.

Hope that helps.


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