Giant halfway 1 folding bike, 2011 model.
Full specs here http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-gb/bikes/model/halfway.1/4877/39003/

I bought this bike with the best intentions of commuting into Bath, however a subsequent change in job necessitated a much longer commute by train. I kept hold of the bike for a couple more years in case I needed it, but for leisure riding I would always choose another, usually my mtb. In this case n is indeed 1 too many.

It is virtually unused, the brake blocks have no wear, the tyres still have their hairs, even the chain is clean with its original grease! There are a few storage marks, very minor chips and scratches to the paint etc, nothing that effects function, and certainly not bad enough to detract from it.

In my mind folding bikes are all about compromises. There are various takes on the theme, and all offer slightly different benefits. Bromptons for example fold up into a tiny space, they are the best of the bunch folded. What they are not so good at is functioning as a bicycle, they are very nervous and uncomfortably short in reach. At the opposite end of the spectrum is something like a Swissbike. These ride most like a full sized bike (they are full sized), but they take up a far larger space folded (to the point of no longer being portable), and can also take much longer to fold up.

The Giant falls right in the middle of this group of bikes. It's 20" wheels afford a much smoother ride than the Brompton's 16" wheels, the cockpit is noticeably larger, allowing a decent amount of comfort for longer rides, yet it still folds up into a size that is pretty manageable for carrying on public transport or storing under your desk. It is this character that gives the bike it's name, Giant have not tried to achieve any one standout feature at the expense of all others. It is genuinely a nice bike to ride, with confident and stable handling, massive adjustability, and excellent practicality. The Giant has an excellent folding mechanism that includes some very well made latches for securing the hinges. No big bolts to align and spin up tight here, just snap shut and ride!

These bikes retailed for £695 at the time. Don't confuse this model for the lesser halfway 2, this having much lower spec componentry and being a totally different design.

I'm looking for £400 for what is an excellent, well cared for, and surprisingly rare little bike.

Collection preferred from either Bradford on Avon, Bath Spa, or Swindon station.

Here is a photo of it next to my road bike for size comparison:


And folded:


(please note my road bike is not included in the sale!)

More high resolution pictures here: