How much of a difference would there be going from a Spesh Tarmac Expert SL3 with Ultegra to an S Works Tarmac SL4 with mech DA?(both 10 speed)

Not that I am planning on doing it btw! Just interested if anyone has ridden both.


notfastenough [3731 posts] 5 years ago

Dunno, but if you change, I might have the SL3!

Super Domestique [1621 posts] 5 years ago

As I say, not planning on doing the swap but was tempted at the reduction on the S Works tbh.

At the moment I just want the all clear to ride again, let alone change bikes.

My fitness levels have dipped so much I will be spending time getting it back so doubt I could do any bike justice right now - let alone the S Works!

This time last year I had a real plan for the year in terms of riding goals and fitness levels. This year I just want to be able to ride again full stop!

If anything changes I will email you - the SL3 is mint as it only got ridden from May to Sept. (I was out of the country for a chunk of Aug too)