I'm making my cycling comeback after breaking both wrists 9 months ago. The right was smashed to pieces and now fused ( 5 operations, 6 plates, 26 screws - all Ti though  3 ) Pesky Mountain bike crash you see.

For the foreseeable future I will be sticking to the road bike and I am looking for any little tweak that will make riding easier on the wrists. So far I have done my own video assessment of my position, double wrapped my bartape and started using 661 wrists-wraps for support. http://tinyurl.com/chfsscr

I'm thinking bars now. I have easton EA50 bars http://tinyurl.com/bpyppz2 44cm right now. I have dabbled with a Mungo bar from on one which I kinda like but it will quite frankly ruin the look of my Equilibrium (for this is my 'good' bike).

Does anyone have any top tips for bars that may offer more comfort than a standard drop bar? Or any other top tips from your broken-wrist experience!



mattbibbings [81 posts] 5 years ago

I've decided to give some Salsa bell laps a whirl. I'll post how I get on.

dave atkinson [6399 posts] 5 years ago

i've got bell laps on my equilibrium. top choice  4