For sale. Qoroz Travel Won, Size Medium Titanium Frame with Rimowa travel case. If you plan on travelling with a bike this is the way to do it. The frame has ss couplers and fits in a box the size of a wheel!! The frame has done exactly 840 miles since new. There are a few marks on the frame but as it's got the more expensive brushed finish these can easily be polished out. I also had the frame specced with rack and guard mounts.

The Rimowa box is fantastic and very cool. It has tsa locks and weighs next to nothing. The box and bike combo with kit in usually comes in under 14kg.

Geometry and more details here: http://www.qoroz.com/travel-won/

Pics here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/55119780@N06/

It comes with:
Red hope headset, BB and seat clamp.
Columbus Tusk Light forks.
Aluminium plate (If you want it?) - I had a plate manufactured so I could mount the box on the back of my motorbike and whizz over to Belgium using the eurotunnel.
Two spanners for the couplers.
Full packing instructions.

Price is £1300. It can be viewed at our shop in Romiley, Cheshire.


*Free bike, When I bought this I did explain to the Mrs that every time you travel with it saves a fortune as you can take it on an aircraft as standard luggage and not have to pay the extortionate baggage fees. She didn't really believe me though.