So, I figured that no bicycle forum would be complete without pictures of bikes! Post your photos here, no bike will be refused: Road TT Triathlon Cyclocross MTB BMX Shixie Fixie And anything else! Lovely bikes lovely, but everyday bikes interesting too. I won't post first, but I'm taking pictures right now.  1 I wanna see what bikes you're all riding!


Halx00 [4 posts] 2 months ago

1995 Pine Mountain MTB converted to tourer. Triple butted Tange Prestige tubeset.
Really lovely ride quality.

redspear999 [12 posts] 1 month ago

New Condor Fratello with own built wheels and shimano 105 (mix of r7000 and 5800). Lovely smooth ride!


Boatsie [323 posts] 3 weeks ago
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My collection of moderate distance commuting machines .
I figured that working 48 weeks per year and catching transport at $3 twice a day 5 days per week would be $1440 per year.

4 bikes cost $1020. 3 from 4 with new or usable tyres. All with smooth bearings.

I'm liking riding.

This is what I learnt. I've had a few cheap 700c23 front tyres explode during summer. I think those days were 40+ ℃ (50+ ℃ road surface) but that was on 10 year old cheapest rims.. Still.. Just in case.

The single speed aero bike (7kg) I'm not scared of punctures. 700c28 . Ridden best weather, preferably dark hours. Eg. Warm weather when hands aren't bothered by cold and can inflate tyres if ever punctured.

The black road bike. I haven't ridden. Just bought. Same rides as above. Looks like easy maintenance. 2*7 speed. Tyre change easier than tensioning the single speed. Currently on quality 700*23s.

Silver bike. Was flat bar 3*9. Spent self upgrade to 2*9 wide handle drop bars, pannier rack. 38/32mm (widest that would fit).
Love it.. If extremely hot, if road slippery, if using the river paths, extra.. Go shopping, fill bags with fruit/veg. Cruisy.. Quite fast. Hasn't punctured. Had 700c28s on her.. Didn't puncture until loaded and wet. Hence keeping wide tyres..
Blue bike. Flat bar, same as silver (widest tyres slightly larger 38/35mm) but hub 8 speed with mud flap/panniers.
Heavy rain bike. Doesn't slow the mechanism. Not slow but the slowest bike here.

Future plans. Wear them out.

Used to a headache. I'd volunteered to help medical research and techtonic plates were installed on break sites. I went to university, studied a double degree of engineering electrical/electronic having recognised signal.
Couldn't cut plate out of own face so broke titanium plate using self hit uppercut:varying techtonics of plate thus allowing random dumb me to get on with doing nothing much.
Government refuse to remove trespass but offered me a handicap pension.
So.. Fuch 'em , penrite 'em, mobile 'em well lubed commuting machines that I enjoy..

With transport cost savings I think I'll keep riding, buy another like the black one but 62cm instead of 58cm. (Both suit me.. Slight preference towards 62cm.)

See how the 32s on the silver go.. Maybe save towards a gravel bike. Titanium or 6061. A 38 on the arse end would be awesome.
Nothing wrong with me, nothing wrong with you, strange is strange.
I like the fixie
I like the older racer, that shifter really basic mech really basic.
I like the STI too. About to adjust..
I love storm days.. Although wet, the panniers can stay home while I wear the clothes and tool bag out the door. I guess the panniers catch much wind.

kookenhaken [22 posts] 3 weeks ago
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The ‘Wobble bike’.  

Genesis CdF converted to single speed (48x18).  Useless mechanical disc brakes swapped out for deep drop tektros.

For family outings, commutes and one day shopping duties with panniers or perhaps a trailer.

missionsystem [78 posts] 2 weeks ago
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Recently upgraded the wheels on my CAAD12...

Coquinn66 [3 posts] 2 weeks ago

There she is...

Bowks [52 posts] 2 weeks ago
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Here's mine!

2016 Giant TCR Advanced Pro with R8000. It was my first ride on these new Prime RR-50 wheels, shod with Conti GP5000TL tyres.