Firstly let me point out these are not my bikes, and I've never seen them. So caveat emptor.

Bike #1: Looks to be Pinarello Record (late 70s/early 80s) might be a Trevello?


Looks like its running a later Campag Chorus groupset, ITM Super Italia Pro-2 handlebars, wheels look like they are Campag hubs and Ambrosio Excellence rims.

Bike #2: Pinarello Surprise (90s)


Campagnolo Record groupset, Mavic Ksyrium (alloy) wheels, ITM stem and ITM Ergal UltraLite handlebars. 


I was in a Tesco Metro in sheffield (wearing cycling kit), and out of the blue the guy at the till asked me did I want to buy a Pinarello. Well I was intrigued. Turns out a friend of his had recently passed away, and this chap was dealling with his estate but knew very little about the bikes other than the Pinarello brand has some cachet.  

I asked him to send me some photos and frame sizes, which he did, but as frames are 54cm and I'm 5'7" with a short inside leg, I decided they were probably a little too big for me so passed on the offer, but I'm passing on the details to you lovely road.cc users.  If you're interested I can pass on the guy's contact details.

Post below with your mobile number/email address and I will respond back ASAP so that you can update your post to remove your details so you don't get spammed.




CygnusX1 [925 posts] 4 months ago