Just over a year ago I posted on here saying we'd launched geometrygeeks.bike - a database of bike geometry that the public can add to, with the ability to compare several bikes/sizes side-by-side.

We made the site because I was fed up of using spreadsheets. I expected it to be an extremely niche concern. I was wrong!

  • We now have over 3,600 bikes listed, growing every day
  • In March we had 18,000 unique visitors 
  • We get about 20% of visits from the UK, the rest is global (US, Canada, Germany...)

It's still just two of us doing this in our spare time. (If anyone is reading this thinking you'd like to advertise on the site, get in touch. Sure would be nice to cover our costs, and google ads don't cut it.)

We spend a lot of time checking data quality (we've developed admin tools to flag data that doesn't look quite right) and filling in gaps.

Next on the plan are some more interesting features for users, as requested by users. We don't pre-announce them though because real life tends to get in the way, so you'll just need to stay tuned.

So there you go, an update. It's been a lot of work but it's pretty fun to see something take off. We're always keen to hear what people think so please leave your ideas below!