My commuting/CX is a SRAM 1X and I've noticed that the cap that covers the centre of the chainset on the drive side is missing - I can see bare threads and it doesn't look too great (although it runs ok)

Question is - what do I look for in order to buy the replacement? I've looked at the SRAM manuals and searched for chainset cap/spares crank cap/spares 1x spares etc and can't see to find it

Had a similar problem with an FSA BB30 chainset a few years ago where the same thing happened and it took a few weeks for the LBS to find it in spares.

I can do most things mechanic-wise (to a standard) so ok fitting it even if I have to buy a tool to do it but I've no idea what to buy!


Drinfinity [94 posts] 5 months ago

The crank extraction cap goes over the captive crank bolt. The original ones have pin holes for a special tool. How did it come to be missing? They are usually very difficult to remove. 


Potential replacement: