For sale is my excellent DZero power meter; so good I have two! However now I've sold one of my road bikes, this one has to go.

Great condition; it's been protected most of its life with a transparent vinyl cover, with a few small marks as per the gallery and comments here https://imgur.com/a/75yrX


  • Stiff 30mm axle[1]
  • Incredibly stiff carbon arms arms.
  • Light: the non-power meter Dura Ace 9100 is 609g; this is just 650g including eTap chainrings.
  • Bluetooth and Ant+.
  • Perfect for Zwift.
  • 110BCD for compact and semi-compact rings.
  • Dual-sided (single sensor - better than dual-sided with two sensors for various reasons)
  • Hidden bolt because it looks nicer
  • All the spacers, bolts etc including a fresh unused hidden bolt.
  • Year and a bit old.

Yours for £500 including shipping or pick up from Greenwich London area.

Contact me at rotham79 [at] gmail.com for details.  Spammers will be treated harshly!

[1] Note for BB86 owners like me: it fits in a BB86 press fit bottom bracket using special FSA bearings. I'll give you a used/old pair for free to get you going if needed.