Anyone selling?


I have the option of buying a used GT Grade Alloy 105 (2016)  from ebay for £475.


Spec is here - 



Given the size is right and the bike is as described is this a good buy? I'd appreciate peoples thoughts/comments?


cyclesteffer [388 posts] 1 year ago

The GT Grade is an ace bike, I have a Tiagra Alloy and the Wife has the 105 version. They are both excellent.

I have upgraded both of them considerably, fitting full Shimano Chainsets to complete the groupsets, faster tyres, carbon seatposts and Prime race wheelsets from Chain reaction, and SKS Bluemells as I commute on it.

I paid £565 for my Tiagra one, and I think its cost me just shy of £900 all in, but it is AWESOME for riding, the fatter tyres make it like a supermoto to ride, you can smash it up and down kerbs and through potholes all day long, and it descends like a beast.

Much recommend at that price! It just needs a few upgrades to get the best out of it, mainly the wheels.