So the other day I was crossing the M60 on Manchester Road between Cheadle and East Didsbury/Parrswood. It is a nice straight country road in the middle of the suburbs cutting through some farms, over the Mersey and M60/train and some school fields. A little oasis in the south of the city. I was heading northbound just cresting the top of the hill and heading downhill at about 40kph. Just then a car passes quite close to me and a voice emanates from it shouting "CYCLE LANE." The motorist moved ahead of me and I was unable to interrogate him on what he could have meant. 

It was confusing as there was a wide mixed use pavement on the southbound side of the road, but no cycle lane on either side of the road. I wonder if he was suggesting I veer across both lanes of the road to the pavement and mount the curb/kerb at speed. This could be dangerous, as would cycling along such a pavement at over 40kph with possibly unlit pedestrians in the dark. Unfortunately I was unable to disabuse the gentleman of his suggestion and continued to cycle safely on the left of the carriageway. 

Here is a googlemaps pic of the spot on looking north on the southbound side


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