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At the end of last year I said I'd be setting up an off-site league in one of the other bigger fantasy games.  The game is the Podium Cafe VDS and it is a year long squad based game.  You get a budget, pick a squad based on a set of rules then that's it.  No transfers, no picking teams, nothing.  You just have to trust your guys to go out and get you some points.

The game runs across both women's and men's racing the calendar is very extensive covering everything from Grand Tours to national championships.

An intro to the game can be found here - http://www.podiumcafe.com/2014/2/3/5370538/fsa-directeur-sportif-2014-starts-now

And the game itself is here - http://pdcvds.com/

League's don't seem to work too well so if anyone else is interested in competing we'll need to add each other to our own personal leagues, that means if you 're in you need to post your DS name and team name in this thread.  I'll keep track of the results through the year.

My details are:- DS name - drheaton Men's team - Mostly Hopeless Women's team - Right-handed OuOuOranges

Competitors: (DS - Men's Team - Women's Team)
TERatcliffe26 - TERatcliffe26
shutuplegs - Avengers:Age of Nick! - Ladies 1st
The Domestique - The Domestique
raysilvester1 - Big Rays Riders
Ghedebrav - Voodoo All Stars
Twybaydos - Topsport Torquay - Topsport Torquay Femennile
chiv30 - Carbon crutches and epo
Pure fantasy - Pure fantasy - Pure fantasy women

If you're new please join in and if you have questions pop them below and the forum regulars will answer as best we can.

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