Video: Bike maintenance Pt 1 – How to get your bike properly clean & lubed

A clean bike is a happy bike

In this bike repair and maintenance video series, we bring you mechanicking tips and techniques to make your bike work better and keep it that way.

> Beginner's guide to bike tools

Delivering his expert advice is Andrew Brown, former chief mechanic at Cycle Surgery and a man who, as you'll see, really knows his way around a bike.

As you can see above, the series kicks off with the most important but basic routine maintenance job: keeping your bike clean and lubed.

Want more? The whole series is up on YouTube so you can check all the vids out...

Part 1: How to Clean and Lube Your Bike for Maximum Cycling Efficiency
Part 2: How to Get the Best from Your Bike's Brakes
Part 3: How to Keep Your Bike's Wheels Round, Tight and True
Part 4: How to Adjust Your Bike's Gears for Maximum Shifting Performance
Part 5: How to Choose the Right Gear Ratios for You and Your Bike
Part 6: How to Cure Your Bike's Creaks and Squeaks
Part 7: How to Choose and Set Up the Right Tyres for Your Bike