Video: Bike maintenance Pt 1 – How to get your bike properly clean & lubed

A clean bike is a happy bike

We're delighted to present our bike repair and maintenance video series, bringing you mechanicking tips and techniques to make your bike work better and keep it that way.

Delivering his expert advice is Andrew Brown, former chief mechanic at Cycle Surgery and a man who, as you'll see, really knows his way around a bike.

As you can see above, the series kicks off with the most important but basic routine maintenance job: keeping your bike clean and lubed.

Want more? The whole series is up on YouTube, so you can check it out straight away:

Part 1: How to Clean and Lube Your Bike for Maximum Cycling Efficiency
Part 2: How to Get the Best from Your Bike's Brakes
Part 3: How to Keep Your Bike's Wheels Round, Tight and True
Part 4: How to Adjust Your Bike's Gears for Maximum Shifting Performance
Part 5: How to Choose the Right Gear Ratios for You and Your Bike
Part 6: How to Cure Your Bike's Creaks and Squeaks
Part 7: How to Choose and Set Up the Right Tyres for Your Bike