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Christmas Gifts for Women Cyclists

Gifts for the cycling woman in your life

The female cycling scene continues to be gathering momentum, and it’s probably fair to say that there’s currently more nice women’s kit out there in the marketplace than there is men’s! All levels of cyclist are catered for, be they hardened racers, café wanderers, sportive lovers or commuters, and all budgets too. Shop around at some of the online (and physical) retailers that have a good offering for the ladies and it’s an easy job finding a gift for that special someone – even if that’s yourself!

Café du Cycliste Yolande Jersey £134

Available in three great bold colours, this long sleeved jersey uses a luxurious combination of merino and synthetics to give a supremely comfortable cold weather riding top that looks fabulous and also gives great technical performance. It’s got three pockets at the rear as well as a zipped key pocket, and reflective bits and hobs too.

Suzy Q Bicycle Necklace £20

This pretty little bike necklace is designed and handcrafted in Brighton and comes in either a silver or gold plated option. It’s a cute, inexpensive (but luxurious looking) and easy way of making her happy, just make sure you’re quick off the mark and she doesn’t buy one for herself first!

Urbanist Cycling Padded Brigitte £45

For women who like to ride comfortably in “normal” clothes it can either be a case of wearing standard underwear and finding the saddle a bit, well, firm, or trying to hide a pair of shorts underneath whatever piece of clothing it is. These padded undergarments are just the thing, fitting like (albeit big) pants, they give padding without the bulk of shorts. They’re funky too. To find out more read our review here.

Veeka Lapize Leather Gloves £30

Retro styling and genuine leather make these gloves a good choice for the style conscious cyclist who still wants her kit to perform well on the bike, rather than just look good.

Ginger & French Mug £14

These high quality white bone china mugs come in a variety of choices for the colour of the strong graphic bike design. Why not buy her several different ones to hang from the mug tree at home or make her work-place feel a bit less work-like?

Shutt VR Signature Buff £20

It’s ACTUALLY impossible to have too many Buffs. We have tried. And failed. This rainbow coloured one is sure to cheer up a dreary winter day. Just don’t try and steal it.

Fuuvi Charly Monotone Triangle Bicycle Bell £16

For urban riders and leisure cyclists a bell can be a necessity so why not buy her a really great looking and effective one like this? A good quality loud “ding” and a fetching design that will enhance many a style of bicycle.

Phew Mid season Armwarmers £17.99

Despite being pretty cost effective, these are really great quality armwarmers made from a lovely sumptuous Roubaix fabric with smooth outer. They only come in black so no colour issues, they’ll go with every jersey, and theyre just the right weight for even properly cold conditions. A good variety of sizes too.

Michaux Leather and Reflective Handlebar Tape £50

It’s leather handlebar tape. But it’s made in Britain and incorporates 3M reflective material actually in the tape itself, clearly visible through perforations. The result is a classy, easy to use, sticky-backed bar tape that looks smart and a little bit different. It comes in black or tan but also an amazing metallic gold variant for lovers of bling.

Michaux Shadow Saddle Bag £149

This compact bag is just the right size to be used as a handbag, with space for make-up, wallet, keys, phone etc, but it can be worn and used in a number of ways- traditional shoulder bag or mini-rucksack, and it also fatens to the bike as a bar bag or saddle pack. The attractive design also features reflective accents built-in. A great bag for on or off the bike.

Morvelo Bici Women’s Thermo Stormshield Bib Knickers £100

Handmade in Europe, these are the consummate bib knickers for any crosser, but just as at home on the road, or even under a pair of baggies for mountain biking. They’re a magic combination of thermally insulating high quality SuperRoubaix with effective water repellency to cater for the average British winter. These have all the bells and whistles any female rider could want to keep her riding all through the dark times.

De Feet Spotty 4” Socks £8.99

Socks with polka dots. Socks with brightly coloured polka dots. These not only look good, they are also made from quick drying, moisture wicking synthetic yarns too, to keep feet dry, warm and happy on any ride.

Maloja Long Sleeve and Short Sleeve Merino Base Layers £73 & £63

Merino base layers are a superb investment for any style of rider, whether worn under technical jerseys or with more casual kit, they’ll last for years and give great odour-free performance. They’re often a bit dull to look at though. Not so these ones from Maloja in either blue or pink. One of each would make her life easier.

Capo ISO Neoprene Overshoes £45

If she moans about cold feet whenever she’s out riding, solve that problem with these. Made from highly weather protective 2mm neoprene, they’re fleecy backed too for extra warmth. They’ve got nice reflective accents too.

Capo Siena HiVis Mid-Weight Jaket £150

This sleek looking jacket offers a combination of insulation, wind protection and water resistance coupled up with astonishingly high reflectivity in the form of its side panels. It’s stretchy, warm, windproof, looks good AND it’ll increase low light visibility.

Chase & Wonder Balloon Bicycle Cushion £55

Who doesn’t like a lovely new cushion? Particularly when it transforms that tired and shabby sofa into a fetching bike themed place to put your feet up. Just not on the cushions. (Also a good pressie for the balloonist in your life - ed)

Water Off a Ducks Back Tessa £155

A waterproof cycling specific jacket that doesn’t look like a cycling jacket. Fully waterproof, with neat and subtle reflective accents, this jacket looks just as good with jeans or a skirt and is spot on for those who like the line between their cycling style and everyday style to be blurred. Comes in bright red or black.

Snowflake Spoke Reflector £5.99

Well it IS winter! A quirky way of increasing visibility while getting nostalgic about childhood riding adventures.

Bicycle Shopping Bag £5.90

As we turn our backs on plastic bags in supermarkets, it pays to be armed with a reusable option. This bike-patterned bag is sturdy and strong and tucks neatly into its own pouch. It’s a cheap and cheery way of celebrating life on two wheels even when doing the everyday chores.

Nicky James Bicycle Make-Up Bag £10.95

No, it’s not a bag for make-up for the bike! Although it could just as easily carry tyre levers, a spare tube and an energy bar, this little bag is too lovely to let it get all greasy and manky. Maybe best saved for the post-ride glamour enhancement and work essentials.

Respoke Spoke in a Wheel Earrings  £30

An everyday way to show the world just how important cycling is in her life, these re-purposed stainless steel spokes look brilliant and are sure to attract admiring comments aplenty.

Nuu-Muu Dress £70

Not every woman would contemplate a cycling dress, but it’s fair to say, if she’s the sort who likes to get about on her bike throughout the summer, and doesn’t always want to LOOK like a cyclist, then this might be a good option. The technical fabric is light and wicks moisture effectively, so she really can ride in it (paired up with a pair of ¾ or shorts maybe), there are several colour choices and it can be great for running as well.

Hills & Ellis Bertie £190

Made in the UK from bold post-box red leather with black leather detailing, this satchel style bag is the business for stylish lasses who ride. It comes with a shoulder strap but also has hidden universal pannier clips so pops easily onto any decent rear rack, and leather padding to stop it rubbing on the bike. It also has its own waterproof jacket for rainy day use.

Oakley Polarized RPM Edge £160

Go on, she’s worth it. She’ll get a lot of wear out of these sunnies that are just as stylish off the bike as on, and the superb quality polarized lenses make those genuinely blisteringly bright days a breeze.

Trail 42 Post-Ride Handcrafted Cup £12.50

Hand thrown in Gloucestershire, these cups are attractive and genuinely useful. They’re going to make every post-ride tea and cake session just that bit more special.

Velocity Cycling Trousers £85

These bike-orientated stretch cotton trousers are treated to repel dirt and water, and they look great- flattering on a variety of body shapes. She’s guaranteed to wear them a LOT, both on and off the bike, so make sure you’re ready to see them regularly.

Rapha Oversocks £20

Available in a variety of colours, to suit all palates, these durable windproof socks do a great job of taking the edge of all but the coldest conditions and are easy to use, no matter what type of cleat is in favour.

Stitch-Mi-Lane Merino Bicycle Bobble Hat £34

It’s made in Scotland from 100% soft fluffy merino wool, it comes in several colours, has little bikes on it AND it has a bobble! Whether it’s for wearing while watching races, after competing in them, on the piste, or just down the shops, this warm hat is a winner.

L-Flect Iron-On Reflective Motives £8

These cool little iron-on reflective thingies come in packs of ten, and are available in stars or dots. Obviously it’s best to avoid expensive fragile synthetic fabrics such as waterproofs, but they’re a great option for customizing bags, trousers or shoes, as well as casual clothes and adding a little extra safety.

Chapeau N’Eau Shower Gel £8.99

This water-free cleansing gel is a great stocking filler for the regular commuter cyclist in your life. It’s anti-bacterial, towels off easily and evens removes chamois cream and embrocation apparently!

Po Campo Logan Tote £65

A do-anything bag with enough space for gym essentials or everyday work stuff, this is made from weather resistant fabric, has organizer pockets inside, bottle pockets, a detachable adjustable shoulder strap and it secures quickly, easily and effectively to a rear rack.

Zoic Livia Girls Jersey and Rippette Girls Shorts £22 and £35

Just the ticket for the young female rider in the family, these look the part but also offer decent technical features for casual riding and mountain biking, or road too from the jersey. Help keep her enthused about riding.

PDW The Bird Cage £13

It’s a bottle cage and it’s shaped like a bird. There’s not much else needs to be said really. It does work a treat as well and is available in three colours/finishes.

Trek Silque SL £2200 (or £2500 for customized)

There are a handful of models in the Silque range of road bikes, each offering a subtly different balance of components and performance. The carbon women-specific framed SL is at the middle of the range, has an Ultegra drivetrain and comes in a good variety of sizes. If she’s a pink hater, and can’t bear to look at the tiny flash of hot pink on what’s overall a stylish black frame, then how about the custom option for an extra £300? Purple frame with green slashes? Why not?

Lara has been riding bikes for longer than she'd care to admit, and writing about them nearly as long. Since 2009 she has been working as part of the review team whilst championing women's cycling on the side, most notably via two years as editor of the, sadly now defunct, UK's first and only women's cycling mag, erm, Women's Cycling. 

Believing fervently that cycling will save the world, she wishes that more people would just ride a bike and be pleasant to each other. 

She will ride anything with two wheels, occasionally likes to go fast, definitely likes to go far and is always up for a bit of exploring somewhere new and exciting. 

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