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Video: how to use your phone as a Zwift controller

Get all the functions of Zwift at your fingertips, even if you're using a big screen or a laptop

If you're using Zwift for your indoor training and you're running it on a laptop computer, or a desktop computer hooked up to a big screen, then the chances are that it's not easy to access all of the in-game functions while you're riding.

There's a whole level of interaction, from choosing your direction at a turn to messaging other users, that's a lot easier to get your hands on if you've also got your smartphone hooked up to your network. Zwift's Mobile Link app is designed to work as a game controller, giving you an easy way to control the game without reaching for your wireless keyboard or sweating over your laptop. If you have bluetooth devices such as a heart rate strap then it's currently the only way to feed that data into the desktop version of Zwift.

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We've put together this vid to show you how to get hold of the Mobile link app, and how it works. Here's hoping you find it helpful. Happy Zwifting!

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