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Christmas gifts for cyclists – presents under £25

13 gift ideas for the cyclist in your life at a price that won't break the bank

Christmas is fast approaching so here's a roundup of 13 gifts under £25 for the cyclist in your lift, from mudguards to caps, musettes to chamois cream and much more. 

Cycling Souveneirs Retro Teams Espresso Cups £12.50

Coffee and cycling together well, like… cake and cycling - but with less carbs and more go-faster caffeine. Coffee tastes all the better when drunk from a stylish cup. The coffee drinking experience doesn’t get much more stylish then when enjoyed using these Retro Teams coffee cups available in either espresso (pictured) or cappuccino sizes and in various classic team colours. At £12.50 you can get two for your £25 budget and have a cup yourself. If you want to blow the budget they do sets too.

Full Windsor Quickfix mudguard £14.99

No one likes a soggy bottom and this Quickfix mudguard fixes easily and simply to most bicycles and provides ample protection from that spray of water kicked up by the rear wheel, avoiding the dreaded brown stripe up the back of your jacket.

Vulpine Polka Cotton Cap £15

Nothing says you’re a cyclist like a traditional peaked cotton cap, and this stylish Polka Cotton Cap from Vulpine is a very stylish offering. It’s available in a couple of colours, has a short peak for keeping rain or sun out of your eyes, and can be worn on its own or under a helmet.

Crank Brothers Multi 17 multi-tool £23.99

No cyclist should embark on a ride without a decent multi-tool that can get them out of any roadside mechanical situation, and this elegant Crank Brothers Multi 17 tool is well armed for just about any breakdown you might suffer. It’s made from aluminium so is light and durable, has loads of Allen tools, a T-25 Torx, two screwdrivers and a chain tool as well.

howies Sport Water Bottle from £4.00

You can never have too many cycling water bottles (just ask my girlfriend) and these water bottles from howies are a bit different from the usual branded bottles. They’re offered with three different designs with motivational messages printed along their sides, and they’re available in two sizes, 600 or 800ml capacity.

Rapha Team Sky Musette £15

The humble musette is simple a cotton bag for handing up food and bottles to the team riders as they pass through the feed zones during a race, but away from the professional peloton they make very nice bags, whether it’s for riding to the shops to buy the paper and a bottle of milk, or for off the bike when you want the world to know you’re an avid cyclist. One word of warning though - a straw poll of the roadcc team suggests that any musette could be a high risk strategy so be sure your intended recipient wants/needs a bag for popping down to the shop. Oh, and they'd better like Team Sky too if you're buying this one.

Chapeau! Chamois Cream £11.99

Gift the gift of chamois cream this Christmas, with the Chapeau! Chamois Cream. It’s available in original and minty fresh, and both are about as good as it gets for keeping your undercarriage comfortable when out on a long winter bicycle ride.

100 Greatest Cycling Climbs of the Tour de France by Simon Warren  £9.99

Simon Warren’s series of 100 Climbs books have been hugely popular over the years, well unless you really dislike climbing in which case you’ve probably avoided them. This Tour de France themed issue is one not to avoid though, and if you’re planning a trip to watch the race in the mountains next summer (and you really should, it’s a lot of fun) this book is a good place to start for scouting out some must-ride climbs.

Merino Wool Buff £25

Buff’s are hugely versatile pieces of clothing, good on the bike as well as off it for a spot of hill walking, and the wool ones, made from 100% merino wool, are the softest and warmest of their range. They’re available in a huge array of colours, really you’re spoilt for choice here.

Arundel Stainless Steel bottle cage £20

Treat your bike to these ever so smart stainless steel bottle cages from Arundel (and make sure you buy two so you have the matching set) that are absolutely bombproof and will last a lifetime, and they’ll never ever let your bottles pop out even on the roughest roads. They look best on a steel or titanium frame, but don’t look too out of place on a carbon bike either, and the weight is hardly an issue at 52g.

EPO coffee £7.50

It’s right that coffee and cycling go hand in hand, and here’s some coffee that will be an ideal gift for any cyclist. EPO actually stands for Extract x Paniagua x Original, but the three letters are their little play on words, a tongue in cheek reference to the favoured doping of racing cyclists over the last couple of decades. The coffee is a single origin washed Guatemalan from a farm called El Hato, which has been growing coffee since 1938, and it’s roasted in Bristol by Extract Coffee. A 250g bag costs £7.50.

Muc-Off Workshop Bundle £20

For the cyclist that likes to spend as much time in the shed tinkering, this Muc-Off apron and Nano Grit hand cleaner is the ideal combination. Keeping the grease of your normal clothes when building or servicing the bicycle and get all that stubborn grease and oil off your hands with the hand cleaner.

Tour de France Mug Trio £25

Whether you’re a tea or coffee drinker, everyone loves a nice mug and for the cyclists these are the coolest we’ve yet come across. You get three in a pack and the designs are simply based on the three classification jerseys from the Tour de France. so if you’re a climber, reach of the polka dots, a sprinter the green mug, and the overall leader, well you want the yellow mug.

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