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Christmas Gifts for cyclists from the shop

11 great cycling gift ideas from Chapeau, Full Windsor, Od-Pod Designs, RoadRags, Michaux, and more…

Christmas is coming up fast and if you’re still stuck for a present idea for the cyclist in your life we’ve produced a series of Chtistmas gift guides for cyclists and in this latest one we look at some gift ideas from the shop. As well as a some top quality merchandise we’ve wide selection of clever, quirky and cool gifts for cyclists from small UK brands that combine practicality, style and in some cases a big dollop of handmade luxury too there's something to suit every pocket AND they all come with free delivery on UK orders.

Here’s a hand-picked selection of what’s on offer but there’s plenty more and we’re adding new ones all the time.


Roadrags Smithfield £115

The Christmas woolie jumper with an urban cycling twist. Roadrags Smithfield top is a well made, well thought out and stylish bit of kit that’s very keenly priced for what it is, its seamless construction means it’s really comfortable to wear too. You could wear the Smithfield as a top, mid or even base layer, it’s got a drop tail to keep drafts off your back, the sleeves come right down to your knuckles and include thumb loops so there’s no gap between sleeve and glove, and the neck rolls up to cover you mouth and nose when it’s nippy. Because it’s made from 93 per cent top class merino you’ll easily get more than one wear out of it and it’s smart enough wear once you’ve got off the bike too.
Roadrags Smithfield Argyle Coolmax Cycling Socks £6.98

The finishing touch to any stylish pedal powered wardrobe socks are also a highly sought after Facebook phenomenon courtesy of our weekly sock compo but the best thing about them is that they’re really good socks. Made by Save our Soles in Colorado from a corespun knit of Coolmax, Lycra, and 3-ply nylon for maximum durability and comfort. The Coolmax sits on the inside of the weave for maximum moisture wicking, with the 3-ply nylon on the outside for flexibility and durability with the Lycra in the footbed. Comfort and durability are further enhanced by an extra smooth looped top seam. Argyle Coolmax Socks


Full Windsor - The Nutter Multi-tool £39.98

Nuts are traditional Christmas gift, but what if you want to keep things traditional but you’ve also got to deal with a nut based allergy? Okay, it’s not actual nuts but - Christmas is a time of creative format bending too and  it can deal with them courtesy of that handy box spanner. It’s the ideal gift for the urban cyclist as noted by’s Man About Town (that’s his official job title) TR McGowran in his Christmas gift guide. It’s currently the roadcc shop bestseller and is available in a choice of either brown or black leather carrying pouch.
Full Windsor - The Nutter


Bike Parka Stash bike cover £29.99

Christmas is about giving to those nearest and dearest to us and for cyclists that means your bike, sorry but that’s the way it is. The Bike Parka is a brilliant gift for those cyclists (and their bikes) who due to lack of space - or too many bikes have to keep their bike outside). Made from tough rip-stop nylon in a variety of covers this will protect your bike from the worst the winter weather can throw at.  Of course you could leave old faithful shivering (or whatever it is that bikes do when they’re cold) in the shed or the side passage while your tucking in to turkey and all the trimmings but don’t blame us if there’s some payback on that first post-Christmas commute or the Boxing Day club run. (There’s also the BikeParka Urban for £10 more that also allows you to lock your bike to something while it’s covered up.)
BikeParka Stash bike cover


Chapeau Etape Jersey £69.98

The black jersey is the cycling equivalent of the little black dress, it never goes out of fashion and it always looks good. Chapeau’s Etape jersey combines bags of style with clever design touches and details including, three main rear pockets - one of which is water resistant - so an ideal place to carry your phone, plus a hip pocket for easy access to food on the go, headphone routing from the zip pocket to the shoulder, silicone grippers and a full length zip. The cut is fitted but not too fitted and black is so very slimming just in case Christmas has too much of an effect. |f you're after a cycling top that will work on or off the bike the Chapeau Cafe jersey at £49.98 is well worth a look, it's available in a choice of colours including black. 
Chapeau Etape Jersey  Chapeau Cafe Jersey


Sawako Furuno Leopard helmet £84.00

Some people say that cycle helmets are nothing more than fancy cycling hats, well this one from  Sawako Furuno actually is a fancy cycling hats with the necessary European and US safety certification for the stylish woman about town who wants a cycling helmet, but doesn’t want it to look like one. No leopards were harmed in the production of this helmet but if leopard print doesn’t float your boat other styles area available.
Sawako Furuno Leopard Helmet

Od-Designs Odpod £34.99

Give the gift of cleverness this Christmas. The Odpod is both cunningly simple and cunningly clever, it’s a portable, self supporting bike stand that ideal for a bit of pre or post-ride maintenance - you can take either wheel off when the bike is in the stand and turn the cranks too. It works with nearly every type of bicycle and packs down in to a light, portable package so it will fit in to bike bags and can be dissembled even further with an Allen key should you need to - that means you can also replace any parts should it get damaged too. Told you it was clever. (to find out more read our review)
Od-Designs Odpod


Michaux Lightsaber Black Leather bar tape £49.99

Here’s a present that combines a spot of luxury indulgence with practicality too, handmade (in the UK) leather bar tape, with cork end plugs and for added practicality and style the perforations in the tape are backed with reflective material. For those that like to make a bit more of a statement Michaux also do a gold leather reflective tape. Oh, and you can buy the cork bar end plugs separately too which is useful.
Michaux Lightsaber Black Leather bar tape


Chapeau Merino Base Layer £39.98

Getting a wooly pully is traditional at Christmas, getting a wooly long sleeved vest maybe isn’t but we could see it catching on. Merino base layers are another one of those things that combine both practicality and a touch of luxury. Because merino wool is so much better at neutralising smells than man made fibres tops like this are ideal for people who ride day in day out - such as commuters - but who don’t want to be constantly washing all their kit between rides.  This one is made from a top grade of merino wool so it won’t itch, and Chapeau have also thoughtfully sewn the washing instructions label on the outside so there’s nothing to irritate your skin. The price shouldn't irritate either.
Chapeau Merino Base Layer


Full Windsor QuicFix rear mudguard £14.99

Save someone’s… bottom for Christmas with one of those cunningly wrought QuickFix Mudguards. They take moments to attach to your bike - so long as you have calliper brakes and two rear stays - which is pretty much every type of road bike (well, the rear stays bit is). The QuickFix comes in a choice of colours but the really neat thing about it is that fitting is completely tool free and takes seconds and, once the rain has stopped, you can quickly take them off your bike again if you want to.
Full Windsor QuicFix rear mudguard


FlipFlip Pocket Reflector £16.94

This is a cool bit of practical design at not much more than a stocking filler price. You get two reflective panels in a pack one for the front and the other for your back pocket and the idea is that if you’re riding in the dark in normal clothes you can add extra visibility at night by simply flipping them out and they won’t flip back in again until you want them too. When your journey is done simply flip them back in again… and no-one need ever know. (Probably good to wear to raves too, if they have such things these days.)
FlipFlip Pocket Reflector

Hackney GT Alpine Green Jersey £79.98

Taking the post modernly ironic Christmas jumper to another level and in fact right out of the ironosphere altogher what right minded cyclist modern cyclist wouldn't be happy to sport this 'statement piece' on his Boxing Day ride. 
If something more understated is more what you're after Hackney GT can do that too…sort of as you can see here
Hackney GT Alpine Green Jersey

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