I am selling this bike as it has had such little use since it was bought and it really is wasted sat in my garage.

It is in excellent condition.

Any questions please get in touch.

Below I have copy and pasted the details I have found on various websites.

FACT 8r carbon, FACT IS constructed frame with Endurance Road geometry, Zertz inserts and tapered head tube gives the Specialized Roubaix Comp SL2 2011 Road Bike the perfect blend of stiffness, compliance and light weight. Race-ready Fulcrum 6 wheels are fast, light, and durable for high mileage training - made by Campagnolo for legendary performance, whilst Specialized Expert ergonomic handlebars offer a comfortable, natural position no matter how long the ride.

Full Shimano 105.
Fulcrum 2:1 Spoke Ratio Racing 6 wheels.
Unique Roubaix Pro tyres.

The Comp SL2 shares the same FACT full carbon frame and fork; the same Zertz vibration damping inserts; and the same super efficient tapered one and an eighth to one and three eighth inch carbon steerer as the Roubaix Elite SL2. Then it’s upgraded with a full 105 groupset, including brakes, from Shimano and a set of Fulcrum Racing 6 wheels from Campagnolo.

‘Not only did this carbon bike receive higher marks for climbing and handling than most of the race bikes we tested, it also dominated the comfort category. Don’t be fooled by the word comfort, though. This is an elite racer... already proven in Europe’s gruelling cobbled classics.’ Outside Magazine.

Fulcrum Racing 6 wheels
The rear wheel showcases Fulcrum 2:1 Spoke Ratio where the wheel is built with 18 spokes on the drive side and 9 on the LH side. Reinforcing the drive side makes the whole wheel more rigid. This translates as more power and speed every time you accelerate. With the spoke tension more evenly balanced, there’s less stress on the spokes, the rim and the cartridge sealed bearing hub. And as we all know, less stress is the key to longevity.

Shimano 105 Groupset
'After a good month of treating the new version of 105 to numerous ill-timed, mid-incline gear dumping and frantic braking, we can't recommend it highly enough. Systematically doing what we asked it to do with the minimum amount of fuss, or issue, and with its new improved looks, unless you're racing every weekend or absolutely made of money you'd be criminally insane to even consider overlooking Shimano's 105 in favour of Ultegra.'
Bicycle Buyer magazine: October/November 2010.

Same as Specialized Roubaix Elite SL2

Full FACT carbon Endurance Road geometry frame and fork with shock-damping Zertz.
Tapered head tube for a fork steerer that tapers from 1 1/8 - 1 3/8" for the perfect blend of strength and stiffness.
SL means Super Light.
SL2 means that this is an advanced second generation development of the SL frame.
Specialized FACT (Functionally Advanced Composite Technology) fork whose carbon fibre legs are impregnated with Zertz - 'solid jelly' inserts that deliver remarkable shock absorbency without the weight penalty we associate with conventional bicycle suspension.
Full Shimano 105 dual control 2x10-speed compact drivetrain.
Even the Roubaix Pro tyres are unique in that they merges a fast 23mm wide tread with a more comfortable large-volume 25c casing. Then to make it practical, the lightweight Aramid bead is mirrored by the Aramid Flak Jacket. puncture-protective sub tread.
Medically-proven comfortable Body Geometry Avatar Gel Saddle w/ hollow Cr-Mo rails on Specialized FACT seatpost - again with Zertz.
The Specialized Elite-Set 3D-forged stem offers 4-position adjustability to help you achieve the most comfortable position on the bike.

Light use, some superficial damage
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