Hi All

I am brand new here so forgive me if I am out of order but this seems to be the relevant place to post.

This Parlee Z1 is a bit of a rarity. This is a real racing machine for someone who is too big to have any business racing  smiley She tracks well, is as tight as a drum and handles like a dream. If you are a big rider, used to sloppy handling and too much flex, this will change your life!

Be warned though ... She handles so well that it inspires climbing ... something that no clydesdale should aspire to!! Nonetheless, this bike has seen more HC and Cat 1 climbs than I care to admit! (In fact, if you get lost in the Pyrenees she will find her own way home now!)

This is serious cycling kit!

This bike has been my baby, It was custom made for me, so proof of ownership even extends to the original design specs.

Unfortunately circumstances have arisen, which mean I will not be able to ride anymore, so it is time for my baby to go to a good home.

The bike has never been used for competition (Those days are far behind me). I am a 50 year old who uses this bike strictly for fitness, averaging 50 - 110km per ride. I ride solely in good weather, so the bike does not get ridden outdoors in inclement conditions and never in Winter (That is what indoor trainers and gyms are for  yes ).

I am not one for "overselling" so a frank assessment of the bike is as follows:

She is perfect for a clydesdale/giraffe! (After all, she was made for one   ).

The frame is in mint condition. No spills and it has been loved from the day it was made. Ridden for fitness, not for competition. 

The front derailleur is toast. After a stone kicked up miserably toward the end of this season it was damaged. It has been ‘repaired’ (to get to the off season) and it functions just fine but it needs replacing and it is not worth a penny.

The front wheel has a small ding in it and the rim has a slight buckle that cannot be fully straightened. This is so minor it does not affect performance at all but it is a little unsightly.

Cranks - These are custom painted but they have a number of scuff marks.

Hed Belgium C2 rims with Chris King Campagnolo Hubs

Campagnolo Super Record 11 Group Set: N.B. Cranks are Compact "Chorus" not Super Record 11 (This was my concession to my clydesdale status).

Regal San Marco saddle 

FSA Seat Post

FSA K Wing Bars

I also have a Scicon hard case bike travel bag for sale. (Photo attached). It is well used but in great condition. The case wheels and their rivets have been modified and reinforced to address the infinite number of inventive ways that airlines can try to destroy anything.

(N.B. Best investment I ever made ... The bag looks scuffed and well used ... A bike frame exposed to the same loving care and attention by baggage handlers would look like a jigsaw puzzle!)

In summary, she is going to be a great deal for someone and I would like that someone to be a true rider if possible.

I am open to offers on all of the above, particularly if she is going to someone who will really appreciate her. I hate to part with my baby but it is better that she goes to someone else who can really ride and enjoy her, rather than sitting in my living room, getting no use and tormenting me.

I am also happy to travel (reasonably) to deliver the bike (and eliminate any danger of damage in transit).

Anyway, Thanks in advance for any interest, assistance or advice that you can offer. I will look forward to any feedback and/or questions.


Custom - 615mm
Light use, some superficial damage
Contact Email: 
tiggergc [at] gmail.com