I'm already a very proud owner of a Scott CR1 SL and I absolutely adore it. I bought this frameset second-hand a couple of weeks ago with the view to building it up into an all-weather trainer/super-commuter, but it's just occurred to me that it's a little unimaginative to have two of the same bikes, and so I'm now thinking about selling this one on.

It's in 'as new' condition. The guy I bought it from told me he built it up and used it for about 200 dry miles only before accepting he couldn't justify owning another bike. The condition of the frame certainly backs up that assertion.

These frames are incredible. They're crazy light, accelerate insanely fast, and are so comfortable (way better than anything steel I've owned).

This frameset has had its fork steerer cut down to leave room for a 100mm spacer. It also has the Shimano BB cups installed, but swapping them over to Campag ones would be cheap and easy. It comes with an FSA headset and a seat clamp.

I'm looking to recoup what I paid for it, which is £600 posted.

I would possible consider swapping/PXing for something interesting in any material barring aluminium, and of a similar geometry.

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Jonny_Trousers [277 posts] 4 years ago

Price drop to £550.