Hello all, I'll be parting with my beloved BMC Roadracer SL01 which I bought in NOV 2012 in search of another bicycle whim. Don't worry though. I'll be fine, it does give you the chance to pick up this one though. Just one careful owner (me) who amongst other things, also works in a bike shop. It's been well looked after, serviced regularly by our mechanic and seen a few miles in the year I've had it. And it's been very rewarding in that time.

Now if you've stumbled upon this, chances are you know what to expect from a BMC and the roadracer SL01 is no different. But if you're just passing let me whet your appetite. BMC are notoriously stiff. Handling heaps of power and are normally ridden by big powerhouse riders. And that stereotype shines true with the roadracer. It makes a fantastic sprint bike, able to get every ounce of effort down on the road and feels really snappy with plenty of get up and go. But what if the sprint isn't quite your thing, don't worry it's slightly shorter wheelbase makes every attack really count. Having worked in a shop I've ridden a fair few bikes. And very few feel as responsive and stable on the descents as this does. It'll have you bombing down every hill, and corners as if it was on rails . It just doesn't let go. Ever.
This is partly due to the unidirectional layup of the frame. It's made to offer the same characteristics on the largest frame as it does on the smallest.

Basically it subscribes to the philosophy. "A good offence is better than the best defence" it's fast, really fast, and never has a moments hesitation.

So I've described the perfect bike. It's everything everyone has ever wanted. But hold on there. It has a catch. It's strength is also it's weakness. That stiffness translates into a harsh ride, and an aggressive geometry. Now this is the more relaxed of the BMC lineup but unlike some carbon. The layup isn't going to absorb all the bumps for you. In truth it rides with the harshness of an aluminium frame. Now the tapered carbon steerer takes up the slack. So it's not all bad. But of your after a soft comfy bike then the one called a roadracer may not quite fit the bill.

Sizing; I'm 5'7 and sit slap bang in a 51 so this machine will suit someone a couple of inches around that. I'll spend all day in the saddle and a good bike fit will take out any discomforts. So if your concerned that would be my first recommendation.

The bike itself if naked glossed carbon with gloss black panels and gold flashes the BMC logo is a deep dark silver. But the best kept secret. Is when the sun hits it at just the right angle and all the carbon work is put on display in lovely detail.

It has had some bits and bobs changed on it over time as you'd expect. But notably comes with dura ace chain and ultegra cassette. Running on a TA sirrus 52-34 rings on 105 cranks. Everything else is stock 105. Including pedals! Easton finishing kit topped with a fizik airione cx saddle and some lizard skin dsp tape.

Wheels supplied are mavic kysirum elites from early 2012. They're my winter wheels and as such have seen a fair bit of wear. The rear rim especially will need replacing once the year is out. Finally fitted with some conti GP 4seasons rounds of the package.

Wear and tear wise it's good news; all superficial and odd knick here and there. The shifters have a had a scrape and the rear stays paint has flaked off. Which all came about. 100 yards from the house too quick on a winters morning. So nothing major.


I'll have some pictures in the morning light. In the mean time try not to dream of thrashing everyone too much.

Any queries, I'll be on hand to contact. And be available to arrange a viewing in the west london area.

Medium use, starting to show its age
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07979154679, dthain1@gmail.com