This is a Dario Pegoretti duende steel 60cm frame and his falz carbon fork. The size is semi custom based off his standard size 60 cm fits more like most 58-59 bikes
58.5cm center to center top tube
58cm center to center seat tube
195mm headtube not including headset
There is 55mm of fork steerer above headset which gives 1.5cm of spacers below most standard stems
Really only difference from his stock 60cm size is headtube is 15mm shorter and seattube extension is 1cm shorter I think the slight changes Definately makes it the best looking larger size peg I've seen. It has catch the spider paint scheme in orange which is in like new condition. Pegoretti made the mask for this paint specifically for this bike as I don't believe a duende has ever had this paint scheme.
The bike is fantastic I've ridden Marcelo's love #3 and previously had a colnago master' and this bike hands down is the stiffest confidence inspiring but still comfortable bike I've ever ridden. I'm including the cane creek 110 series headset and two seatpost a thomson elite in size 29.4 which is what fits this seat tube. And a silver polished 29.4 seatpost as well as a 29.4-27.2 seatpost shim in case you have a favorite 27.2 seatpost you like. If this fits you I'd recommend jumping on it as I've never seen a peg in this size for sale used. I've been watching a few years and they just aren't out there, if your 6' plus it's for you.

Light use, some superficial damage
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