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2017 Christmas Gifts for Cyclists - Affordable Cycling Gadgets and Gizmos

Affordable cycling gadgets for the cyclist in your life lights to bells and GPS computers

If you found the gadgets in our first Gadget Christmas Gift Guide a bit pricey, then you’re in luck, as we’ve rounded up a selection of more reasonably priced gadgets for the cyclist in your life. 


Wahoo Elemnt Mini computer £79.99

Buy it here from wiggle


The new Wahoo Elemnt Mini is a computer that pairs to your smartphone to record and track your rides and offers a stupendously long battery life, clear display and diminutive size. There's no GPS, instead, it uses the GPS on your synced smartphone but you can use it on its own, paired to the packaged speed sensor.

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Lezyne Classic Shallow Brass Bell £12.99

Buy it from Sigma Sport

lezyne bell.jpg

Cycling bells are back in fashion, and none are as fashionable as the highly polished brass bell from Lezyne. There are two styles to choose from, this is a low-profile model that should be a smart addition to any bike.


Zefal EZ Max FC CO2 Inflator £36.99

Buy it here


Getting back on the road after a puncture quickly and easily with the EZ Max, which combines a mini pump and Co2 canister. It has a screw-on inflator head and magnetic closure, and an all aluminium construction so it’s strong and light.

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Kitvision Escape 4KW video camera £99.99

Buy one here


If you're looking for a good FHD camera to capture your rides then the Kitvision Escape 4KW is one. It's a good all-rounder with a sharp 1080p picture and a decent battery life. 

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Kryptonite Avenue F-70/R-35 Dual Lights £29.99

Buy it here


Kryptonite's new two-in-one Avenue F-70/R-35 Dual light is bright enough for an emergency backup or secondary light. Its ability to work as front or rear is definitely handy.

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Wheel Writer LED lights £15.99

Buy from Amazon here

wheel writer 2.jpg

Here’s a fun way to brighten up winter rides. The lights attach to the wheel spokes and can illuminate fun patterns, with 12 to choose from including flames, space invaders or a nuclear warning!


Kärcher OC3 Portable Cleaner £149.99

Buy from Halfords here


Kärcher is the Hoover of the jet washing world, its yellow products a familiar sight across suburbia for washing cars and driveways. Its new OC3 Portable Cleaner is a battery-powered portable outdoor cleaner that is ideal for cleaning dirty bikes after a race or ride, being small enough to fit in the car boot, or ideal for space-limited households.

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Airlok lockable wall-mounted bike storage hanger £130

Buy now from Tweeks Cycles


There are plenty of wall-mounted bike storage hangers on the internet, but the Airlok is, as far as we know, the only one that also securely locks your bike via a hardened steel lock.  Just the thing for proudly displaying and keeping secure your pride and joy.


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Evoc Phone Case £15.26

Buy it here

evoc phone case.jpg

A cool case to keep your phone safe when it’s in your jersey pocket. It’s padded, so will protect your phone from the bumps and shocks, and has a velcro fixation system so it can be attached to a shoulder strap or belt. 



Topeak Airbooster Extreme £36.99

By from Evans Cycles here


We all hope we’ll never get a puncture, but at this time of year it pays to be prepared, and the nifty Airbooster Extreme cleverly secures a spare inner tube and pair of CO2 canisters to your bike, either below the saddle on under the top tube.

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Unich Stepless Rachet Multi Tool Wrench  £19.99

Buy it here


This compact and nicely machined metal multitool houses a good selection of tool bits, from a full-size range of hex bits to Torx bits and screwdrivers, for taking care of most roadside mechanical gremlins. 

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Cycl WingLights Magnetic £26.99

Buy here


Designed to fit into the ends of the handlebars, these compact lights act as indicator lights and are operated by a simple tap to the light. They are only compatible with flat handlebars so it’s city and hybrid bikes only. 

Quad Lock Universal Bike Kit £26.98

Buy it here 

quad lock.jpg

Many cyclists use a smartphone when riding, but having it in the pocket isn't very convenient if trying to follow a route. The Quad Lock secures the smartphone safely to the handlebar stem and fits most fines. Pop your phone in the case, and click it into the turn mount. That’s it!


Moon Gemini Rear Light £14.99

Buy here


A compact and lightweight rear light with a rechargeable battery, the Moon Gemini is an ideal light for urban commuting. 

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Knog Blinder Mob Kid Grid Front Light £37.99

Buy here


The Knog light is a well-designed and powerful light ideal for commuters and people that want a bright light to be seen by, rather than to see the way ahead. It’s easy to attach to the handlebars, the 80-lumen output is spread between 16 embedded LEDs on a reflective background and will ensure you stand out to other road users. 

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Datatag UV Stealth Pro £20.99

Buy from wiggle here


Treat the cyclist in your life to the Datatag UV Stealth Pro kit. It uses UV stencilling, DataDots and deterrent labels to discourage theft but if that fails, will help reunite you with your pride and joy if it is recovered by the authorities. DataTag supply police forces with free scanning equipment and training so if your bike gets retrieved there is a pretty good chance you are going to get it back.


JetBlack Z2 Fluid Trainer £199.99

Buy from Evans Cycles here


If you want to take shelter from the wind, rain or darkness, this affordable turbo trainer from JetBlack lets you enjoy the convenience of indoor cycling. The roller provides a smooth pedalling feel and there’s a good range of resistance, which you control via the gears on your bike. 

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