2017 Christmas Gift Guide for City Cyclists

Gift ideas for city and urban cyclists, from bags to jeans, lights and locks and much more

What to buy for the urban dwelling or city commuting cyclist? It's a tricky one we know, but we've put our heads together and come up with a fine list of gift suggestions, from socks to folding bikes.


Condor Xmas Merino Socks £9.99

Available from Condor Cycles

condor socks.jpg

Nothing says Christmas like a new pair of socks, and these lovely soft merino socks from Condor Cycles are ideal for adding a bit of warmth on a chilly morning commute across the city.


Cycliq Fly12 front light and video camera £255

Available from Wiggle


The brand new Fly12 is a clever integrated front light and video camera, so you can see where you’re going and film any close passes that you hopefully won’t experience. It provides 600 lumens of brightness in the maximum mode and up to 6 hours of run time and now uses ANT+ to sync with a Garmin computer. The new version isn’t out until 30th November but does mean the previous model is currently being discounted.

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Endura Luminite DL Jacket £89.99

Available now at Chain Reaction Cycles


The Endura Luminite DL is another incarnation of the Scottish brand's long-running and justly popular staple. Its ability to keep you dry, from inside and out, is very good.

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Hump Flare men's gilet £39.99

Available at Ribble Cycles

Hump Flare mens gilet - back.jpg

The Hump Flare men's gilet is a wind and showerproof 'warm weather safety layer'. Hump has struck the right balance between safety and comfort, and the adjustable fit means it can be racy or relaxed to suit your riding.

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Vulpine Women's Extrafine Merino Boyshorts £20

Available here


Vulpine's Women's Extrafine Merino Boyshorts add a noticeable degree of comfort when riding in civvies/jeans compared with going unpadded. The cushioning in the pad is quite soft, but it does mean if you're keeping the shorts on while you're off the bike they don't feel too bulky. The Extrafine merino is also soft and non-irritating.

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Resolute Bay J1 cycling jeans £90

Available to buy here


Do you ride in jeans? It's not anyone's first choice of legwear for a day ride, but if you're popping into town or you're off to the pub you don't want to clack around in Lycra, or change in the toilets. So a pair of jeans you can cycle in is a nice thing to have in the drawer. Of course, you can cycle in any pair of jeans, but Resolute Bay has put a bit of effort into making these J1 jeans a bit more bike-friendly, and it shows.

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Smith Optics Maze Bike Helmet £54.99

Available from Tredz


The Smith Maze Bike Helmet is a good-looking, simple urban helmet. The rounded shape is like the kind of generic helmets you see for skiing or skateboarding, but it has a couple of nice touches that set it apart from others in this category. For instance, the two small vents at the front, with one being surrounded by silver; it's a simple and understated look that works well.


Lezyne Lite Drive 700XL £56.99

Available at Cycle Surgery


As the entry-level light in Lezyne's Performance range, the Lite Drive 700XL offers enough brightness for riding in the pitch black at a price that is pretty competitive. There are a total of eight output modes – five are constant, ranging from the full 700-lumen Overdrive mode to the 15-lumen Femto mode. There's also a day flash mode, which is two short flashes, repeated once per second. This uses the full 700-lumen output, and so is pretty eye-catching and effective at getting you noticed. That makes it a good city commuting option.

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Primal Neon Crush Cycling Cap £15

Available to buy here


The Neon Crush cap is Primal's modern interpretation of the classic cotton casquette, cycling cap. Primal has been making cycling apparel and activewear since 2011. They've a good range of road and mountain bike kit, much of it with a modern 'out there' aesthetic which is refreshing given the amount of minimalist fashion evident in the bunch these days.

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dhb Waterproof Pannier 22L £34.99

Available from wiggle


The dhb Waterproof Pannier 22L is aimed at the daily commuter who wants a waterproof yet stylish rear pannier that doesn't cost a fortune, and it ticks all those boxes. Its 22 litres swallows shoes, coats, laptops, clothes and more with ease. Plastic corner reinforcements at the base protect it when you stand it on the ground, it has a comfy plastic carry handle, reflectives on the side and front, slits to attach a light on the sides, and it will fit on either side of your rack.

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Spurcycle Bell £49.99

Available from Condor Cycles


The Spurcycle is a high quality, great looking and loud bell. It is a great looking bell on the bar, sitting only 2.5cm high and 3cm across. The ring is really impressive, clearly cutting through the external noise and resonating well after the hammer hits. I even managed to get the attention of people listening to headphones.

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Manhattan Portage NY Messenger Bag MD £89.00

Available from Amazon

Manhattan Portage NY Messenger Bag (Medium).jpg

Manhattan Portage might be new to you and yet another name in the already over-stuffed messenger bag market, but it's one of the originals, having been going for nearly 30 years from its home in New York City. 

The carrying capacity of the NY Messenger Bag is more suited to the lightweight commuter rather than anyone who tends to haul a lot of stuff around with them. If you ride to the office and back with a laptop, a couple of files, maybe a waterproof, a D-lock and the usual day-to-day bobbins then you'll be fine

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Pedal Dabs clipless tintotform converters £19.95

Available from Amazon


Pedal Dabs' clipless to platform converters are designed to clip in to your pedals, allowing you to ride short distances safely in street shoes. Made from rugged composites, there are two versions, depending on whether you are running Look or SPD systems.

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Proviz Reflect360 Plus Gilet £59.99

Available to buy from wiggle


The Proviz Reflect360 Plus Gilet is slate grey under normal, daylight conditions, but it turns brilliant white when graced by vehicle or street lighting. The retro-reflective component is achieved by impregnating the fabric with millions of tiny glass beads and is incredibly effective.

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Topeak Aero Combo USB lightset £69.99

Available from Tredz

Topeak Aero Combo.jpg

Topeak's Aero Combo USB 1W lightset packs a punch in its two small, easily removable units – which also keep the svelte lines of your road bike. Both lights use a simple rubber-strap attachment that tethers to the light unit itself; it's a very easy system, and not unique to Topeak. They're particularly effective when set to the fast or intermittent strobing flash modes, and the COB LEDs do penetrate fog and mist arguably as well as, if not better than, any 'standard' bright LED lights 

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Hiplok Z-Lok Security Ties £14.99

Available from Evans Cycles


Hiplok Z-Lok Security Ties are a practical, small, well-designed alternative to a 'proper' lock. They certainly don't have the same level of security as a full-on bike lock, but for some situations, they provide just enough peace of mind.

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Giro Civila Womens Road Shoe £129.99

Available now from wiggle


Giro's Civila cycling shoes for women are comfortable, stylish, light and functional. Laces might not be to everyone's taste, but they mean achieving a good fit is easy, and they go particularly well with civvies. They are intended to be used with a recessed 2-bolt mountain bike style cleat, which makes walking much easier than stiff carbon soled race shoes.

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Deuter Bike One Air EXP 16 backpack £89.99

Available here


The Deuter Bike One Air EXP 16 rucksack is a well-built bag that keeps a gap between your back and your luggage. It has nice touches like a built-in raincover, a helmet holder and the ability to carry a water bladder as well as a couple of bidons in its side pockets.  It works well for commuting.

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Brompton S6L £1,090.00

Available from Evans Cycles


The quintessential city and urban commuting bike, the iconic Brompton needs no introduction. Quick to fold for easy storage or transportation, the small wheels ensure it’s speed and the steering makes it nippy when cycling through busy towns and cities.

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Bobbin Dark Star £550

Available from wiggle


The Bobbin Dark Star, with its steel frame and shiny black paint job, is a solid choice for urban transportation. The handling is quick for navigating city streets and tight turns, it’s a lot of fun zipping through traffic. And the upright ride position makes it good for seeing where you’re going in traffic, as well as being more comfortable.

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Spray.Bike Paint £7.95

Available from Brick Lane Bikes


Spray.Bike paint is a great way to refresh or personalise your bike. It works on any frame material, is easy to use, and with a bit of practice delivers great results for not much money at all.

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