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2016 Christmas Gifts for Cyclists that Like to Ride Slowly

Gift ideas for cyclists not interested in Strava segments or power meters, but taking in the view and enjoying the ride

If riding like the clappers and recording every ride on Strava holds no interest for you, and you're more into the freedom, escape and discovery that cycling offers, then we've lined up a bunch of Christmas gift ideas that we think might interest you, or that special cyclist in your life.

- 2016 Christmas Gifts for Cyclists – For people who like to ride fast

Richard Mitchelson's Grand Tour Colouring Book £12.99


Kick back after a nice comfortable ride in the countryside and spend a few hours with a box of felt tip pens and Richard Mitchelson's fantastic Grand Tour colouring book, and along with plenty of other activities, it'll keep you entertained for hours. Read our review here.

Apidura Saddle Pack £98


If the idea of riding fast doesn't appeal, but exploring and adventuring do, then a saddle pack that fits on the seatpost and doesn't require a rack will allow you to pack enough supplies for any distance ride, from a weekend micro adventure to a more ambitious trek across Europe. Read our review here.

Ordnance Survey Explorer Maps £8.99

Screen Shot 2016-11-30 at 17.05.42.png

There's really no more enjoyable way to navigate the UK countryside than via a beautifully illustrated Ordnance Survey map. GPS devices certainly have their attractions, but sometimes you just can't beat an old-fashioned paper map that you can spread out in front of you and get a real sense of where you are and where you want to go. Great for planning adventures and useful during an adventure.

Carradice Originals Zipped Roll Bag £54


Rather than stuffing energy gels and spare tubes into restrictive jersey pockets, equip your bike with a classic and timeless Carradice saddlebag and carry everything you need under the saddle. Plenty of space for spare clothing, sandwiches and a flask, and is built in Lancashire, UK.

Lumo Regents Parka jacket £400

Lumo Regents Parka jacket.jpg

Yes, it's jolly expensive but it's  a superb take on a mod classic with some great cycling twists. Not a jacket for fast-paced rides but one for leisurely paced rounds, into town or down to the pub.Read our review here.

Brooks B17 Standard leather saddle £82.99


Regularly proven to be the most comfortable saddles in the world, the Brooks B17 Standard saddle is made from leather and perfectly suited to long days in the saddle with a comfortable fit. It’s available for men and women. Pair with some matching leather bar tape for the complete look.


Bicycle Trouser Clips £3.99

trouser clips.jpeg

You don’t have to wear special clothing if you’re cycling for leisure, and here’s a set of simple black trouser clips to avoid getting trousers dirty from the chain, or worse still, caught in the drivetrain. Also ideal for the commuting cyclist and makes a good stocking filler.

Huez Utility Shorts £95

Huez Utility Short.jpg

You know you don't have to wear skintight Lycra to go for a bicycle ride right? Add a bit of relaxed and comfortable style into your cycling outfit with these Huez shorts, great for riding around town or relaxed touring rides into the countryside. Read our review here.

Prendas Belgian Winter Hat £19.95

prendas winter hat.jpg

Looks best without a helmet (but fits under one) the Prendas Belgian-style winter hat is a must for cold winter rides for keeping your head and ears warm, and with a Continental dose of style to boot. Read our review

Deuter Trouser Protector £9.99


These are your posh trouser clips, with a durable material and Velcro closure, plus 3M reflective material to provide extra visibility on the roads.

Personalised 'Coffee Makes Me Cycle Faster' Mug £12.95


Even if you don't like to ride fast, you can still drink your coffee out of a go-faster mug. 

One Man and His Bike book £6.99


What would happen if you were cycling to the office and just kept on pedalling? That’s the question that Mike Carter answers in this bike about his 5,000-mile cycle ride around the British coastline.

Brooks Leather Bar Tape £44.99

Leather Bar Tape  2 Honey_Rubber_Plug.jpg

Maybe you’ve already got a Brooks saddle on your bike? How about completing the leather look with some matching bar tape? Pricey but lasts for ever.


Road Popper bottle opener £33.59

road popper 2.jpg

If you’re embarking on some cycle touring and like a little drink when you reach your destination, don’t get caught without a bottle opener by fitting this neat Road Popper to the saddle rails. It’s made from stainless steel and clamps right onto the saddle rails.

Full Windsor The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool £39.99

Full Windsor The Nutter Cycle Multi Tool.jpg

Encased in a lovely leather pouch, this cracking multi-tool has most of the essential tool bits for repairing anything on a road bike, with the stainless steel body also doubling up as a tyre lever.


Magnum Cycling book £32

Magnum Cycling by Guy Andrews - inside pages.jpg

A photographic treat for fans of the pre-helmet era of cycle sport, with the bonus of insightful commentary. Read the review here.

Rapha Coffee Mug £20


If enjoying the post-ride coffee is more important than uploading your ride to Strava, then you might as well sip it from a cycling themed mug. This Rapha Coffee Mug is designed by award-winning British ceramicist Billy Lloyd and features an embossed Rapha logo on the base and the Rapha logo on the front.

Slow is the New Fast t-shirt £15


And if you need any reminding, here's a t-shirt to let everyone know that slow is the new fast. Well, it is isn't it? Socks £6.99


Lastly, how about a pair of very fine socks to grace your feet this Christmas? The perfect gift for any cyclist regardless of how fast or slow they prefer to ride. Available in black or white and a wide range of sizes. 

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