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2016 Christmas Gifts for Cyclists – Women

From socks to a bike for sportives, gift ideas to make a cycling lady's day

First off, no not everything in this list is designed for women exclusively. You don’t have to be a woman to join Evans’ Fix It class, and you don’t have to be a woman to want an M-24 Messenger bag. Hell, you don’t have to be a woman to wear women’s pants – it takes all sorts! But if you’re floundering about not knowing what on earth to buy your cycling-mad other half, or you need some ideas for your women’s bike group secret santa… or you just want some ideas for yourself you can pass on to your nearest and dearest in time for Dec 25th – read on! And feel free to add some ideas of your own in the comments…


Rivelo Womens Larkstone Jacket.jpg

Rivelo Women's Larkstone Jacket £130

Even though the Larkstone is a lightweight waterproof, it’s made for cold weather and does a great job of keeping you warm and dry when the mercury drops. It looks good too, with an attractive matt finish and a slim cut. Seams are taped to keep out the rain, and broad Lycra cuffs will stop any draughts getting up your sleeves while riding.

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Cafe du Cycliste Cycling Cap.jpg

Café du Cycliste Cycling Cap £21

Keep the sun out of your eyes as you sip your ice cold post-ride beer… somewhere near an Alp or Pyrenean pass… (maybe that cycling holiday could make it on to the Christmas list too). Lots of colour options (even – shh – pink).


Cycling Jewellery Bicycle Cog Earrings £65

Small enough to be discreet, chunky enough not to be twee – and chic enough to wear anywhere. These sterling silver stud earrings are about 8mm in diameter and are designed and made in the Lake District.



Fizik Vesta Custom-Made saddle £99.99

Using a man’s saddle is a quick way to put women off cycling, but Fizik lets you go further than ‘just’ a woman’s saddle with the ability to style up a Vesta to your own – or your significant other’s – liking. There are a dozen colours to choose from, and that’s just the main cover; what about the sides? Contrast or matching? The wings? The central V? Order soon for Christmas, though – there’s a two to three-week delivery time…

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M-24 Messenger bag.jpg

M-24 Messenger bag £50

With a body made from recycled lorry tarpaulin and a strap made from seatbelt material, this tough-as-you-like bag is environmentally friendly as well as unique. It’s also waterproof, wipe-clean and very difficult to rip or tear. Use it on the bike and off – it’s just the right size for daily commuting or to take around town.

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Lazer Waymaker 2 Way2 Glasses.jpg

Lazer Waymaker 2 Way2 Sun Glasses £49.99

Suitable for wearing on the bike or off, these photochromic glasses offer great clarity and the thin frames give you plenty of sideways vision. With a width of 140mm and a height of 45mm, they’re ideal for the small or thin of face, and they’re well built, too, with aluminium bars screwed to the nylon frame. They’re also designed to be flexible just in case you sit on them or tread on them…

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Gore Base Layer Lady Singlet.jpg

Gore Base Layer Lady Singlet £29.99

Gore’s singlet fits like a second skin, the super-soft material following the natural curves of the body by virtue of the shaped cut of its eight panels. That means plenty of seams but they’re all flatlock stitched so no chafing. Warm and wicking under a jersey, it’s also something you could wear on its own on a hot day.

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Madison Leia Womens Gloves.jpg

Madison Leia Women's Gloves £17.99

These lightweight gloves use a super-stretchy material on the back of the hand and top of the fingers, combined with a suede-effect palm. The middle and index fingertips have silicone print to stop your fingers from slipping on the brake levers, especially in the wet, and they’re touchscreen-friendly so no need to remove if you need to check your map app mid-ride.

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Bike wheel clock.jpg

Vyconic Bike Wheel Clock Black Rim £75

Okay, okay, it’s hardly women-specific, but I like it. Not just cool looking, this clock (with quartz movement to keep it accurate) is made from an actual old wheel rim – complete with knocks and scratches depending on the ‘life’ it lived previously. If it’s too big (57x57x14cm), there are smaller rim options – and even a dinky disc brake rotor clock for £24.99…


Polaris Mica Jersey Front

Polaris Mica Women's Windproof Jersey £59.99 

Made from fleecy-lined polyester/elastane fabric, this long-sleeve winter jersey offers oodles of warmth and cosiness. It has a snug, contoured fit, with windproof panels to keep out the chills and thumbholes to keep the sleeves in place. It looks super-stylish too.

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Rapha Womens Souplesse Socks

Rapha Women's Souplesse Socks £15

If you're going to wear visible socks, said our tester Lara, celebrate them! She loved these mid-length, technical beauties, which wick moisture from your feet and have no intrusive seams to rub or chafe. The stripey design isn’t available at the moment, but they do now come in a shorter version. The big question is, which colour do you go for?

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Vulpine Women's British Silk Scarf £60

Made in Britain, this pure silk scarf will keep you warm even when wet, dries quickly, and looks very, very chic. Comes in green as well as navy.


Giro Empire Womens Road Shoes.jpg

Giro Empire Women's ACC Road Shoes £249.99

Want to push the boat out? These retro style shoes combine good looks with high performance – and, crucially, comfort. They sit towards the top of the shoe tree, in terms of price and intended performance, with high levels of stiffness and low weight. Laces might look old hat but offer plenty of adjustability, and they’re combined with a full-carbon Easton sole for transferring power. 

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Specialized Dolce 2.jpg

Specialized Dolce Sport £750

The female equivalent of the Allez Sport, the aluminium-framed Dolce balances comfort with performance and its smooth ride makes it a great choice for sportives, commuting or those just getting into road cycling. It has a fairly upright riding position, well suited to road bike newbies, and wide-ranging Shimano Sora gearing to help in the hills.

Read our review here Italy Week 2017 Italy Week, from €134 per night

Book her a week away in Italy – and why not come yourself? Join staff on our annual trip to the wonderful Hotel Belvedere in Riccione, April 1-8.  The riding's amazing, the scenery's breathtaking, the food is delicious… And if there's any kind of 'issue' about there being too much riding, there's a spa for you to hang out in while she heads out to conquer yet another stunning climb to a hilltop village…


dhb Womens ASV Roubaix Bib Tight - riding.jpg

dhb Women's ASV Roubaix Bib Tight £80

With nice and comfy straps, a women-specific pad suitable for any distance, and a warm and fuzzy Italian Super Roubaix inner, these great-value bib tights are the perfect way to defy the cold wintry weather. The design has changed slightly since our review pair, and we rather like it…

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Cycology Train Hard.jpeg

Cycology Train Hard, Get Lucky T Shirt £21

Lots of styles to choose from, whether you like to show your cycling allegiance on the front or the back, in yer face or more subtle… 


Findra Marin Cowl Neck Stripe Base Layer - collar.jpg

Findra Marin Cowl Neck Stripe Base Layer £90

These lightweight super-soft merino baselayers are knitted in Scotland using a seamless technique – which means no scratchy seams to irritate or chafe. You can wear it next to your skin and under a jersey or jacket, making the most of its excellent wicking properties, or as a top layer over a vest, flaunting its stylish design. 

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Upso Washington Wallet £25

These funky little bags are made from recycled lorry tarp – each one is individual so choose the one you like on the website and that’s the one you’ll get! They’re large enough (17x15x4.5cm) to carry a useful amount of ‘stuff’ and can be attached to a handelbar – but small enough to fit in a holdall, rucksack or pannier.


How to clean and lube your chain — Cleaning

Evans Cycles Fix It Maintenance Class £15/hr

Evans Cycles runs fortnightly group sessions to “give you all [the] skills you need to carry out basic maintenance”. That includes how to adjust your gears and brakes, and cleaning and lubing your drivetrain, as well as changing an inner tube. It costs £15 for a one-hour session, in groups of six, and you’ll get a training manual and maintenance goodie bag to take home with you.


Ginger and French Mugs

Ginger & French Bike Mug £10

Because tea or coffee obviously tastes better in a mug with a bicycle on it. Just add cake. 


Urbanist Cycling Padded Brigitte 03

Urbanist Cycling Padded Knickers £45

And finally… These seem to find their way into our Christmas gift ideas list again and again because they’re just so nice! Wear them under your civvies, jeans or a skirt, and keep comfy as you ride without having to sport the Lycra look. They come in all sorts of patterns – check out the website for more.

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