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Christmas Gifts for Women Cyclists

We take a look at some of the best cycling-inspired presents for the cycling women in your life

It’s not long ago that having ANY choice of kit at all other than smaller men’s styles was situation normal. Now, there’s almost more lovely kit for women than for men, as manufacturers have been putting some real effort into redressing that imbalance. Whether the lady in your life is a fast roadie, a hardcore commuter, a chilled-out lifestyle rider or an adventurous tourer, there’s something shiny and lovely out there that will make her smile on Christmas Day. Here's a selection of our favourites…


Fizik R5B Donna Women’s Shoes £129.99

Fizik R5B Donna Womens shoes 2.jpg

Genuinely gorgeous looking shoes that just ooze Italian quality as well as technical excellence. Their low weight, Boa fastening, and stiff soles are sure to be appreciated – and they’re a bit sparkly too…

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Terry Urban Hoodie £130

Terry Urban Hoodie.jpg

A technical cycling jacket that looks the part whether it’s worn with Lycra or jeans. This softshell hooded jacket will keep out the worst of the weather but looks good and casual too. 


This Is Cambridge Omloop Winter Cycling Cap £55, and matching Omloop Merino Winter Socks £19

TIC Omloop Winter Socks and cap.jpg

Made to order, this winter hat is made from windproof and water resistant merino wool and is styled for wear either with or without a helmet. There are matching cosy merino socks too. 


Velocity The Climber Cycling Trousers £85 

Velocity Womens Cycling Trousers 08

These bike-orientated stretch cotton trousers are treated to repel dirt and water, and they look great- flattering on a variety of body shapes. She’s guaranteed to wear them a LOT, both on and off the bike, so make sure you’re ready to see them regularly.

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Showers Pass Women’s Elite 2.1 Jacket £195 

Showers Pass Women’s Elite 2.1 waterproof jacket.jpg

A lightweight and breathable fully waterproof jacket for all-day foul-weather riding comfort. It’s got some nifty reflective bits and plenty of pocket space too. Comes in three colours including pink and a mango orange sort of colour. 

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Rapha Merino Headband £20

Rapha Merino Head Band.jpg

A low weight, easy way of adding a bit of warmth on chilly days without the commitment of a full hat, and it’ll pop into a pocket when not needed. Made from merino wool for longevity and lack of itchiness.


Trakke Findo Rucksack £195

Trakke Findo Backpack.jpg

Made to order in the UK, this is a backpack to cherish for years. Neither girly nor overly blokey, it’ll probably accompany her on more adventures than you will. 

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Vulpine Dogtooth Merino Silk Socks £25

Vulpine Dogtooth Merino Silk Sock.jpg

Cycling socks for women are just as much of a win as they are for men. These offer a winning combination of sumptuous warmth and good looks in a variety of colours. 

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Giro Women’s Candela Gloves £39.99

Giro Candela Glove.jpg

These softshell gloves are spot on for all but the very coldest of weather, coping with windchill and even showers. They come in black or a hot orange and feature a neat non-girly graphic too. 

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Primal Kashmir Heavyweight Jersey £60

Primal Kashmir Jersey.jpg

Super-warm, almost verging on being a jacket, this bold and fleecy jersey will see any female rider through even the very coldest winter without compromising on style. And at a great price too. 

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Pineapple Fragranced Bicycle Soap £4.95

Pineapple Bicycle Soap.jpg

Cheap, cheerful and fruit scented, a great traditional stocking filler that will make her smile. 


Stitch-Mi-Lane Bike Wheel Cushion £34

Stitch mi Lane Bike Wheel cushion.jpg

Hand-stitched and quirky, these are a great way to bring some bicycle style into the front room. Available in two different colour combos, these are made in the UK using high quality cushion pads. 


Suzy Q Bicycle Necklace £25

SuzyQ Necklace.jpg

This pretty little bike necklace is designed and handcrafted in Brighton and comes in either a silver or gold plated option. It’s cute and inexpensive (though luxurious looking) – just make sure you’re quick off the mark and she doesn’t buy one for herself first.  


Nicky James Bicycle Make-Up Bag £10.95

Nicky James Makeup bag.jpg

No, it’s not a bag for make-up for the bike. Although it could just as easily carry tyre levers, a spare tube and an energy bar, this little bag is too lovely to let it get all greasy and manky. Better saved for post-ride glamour enhancement… 


Urbanist Cycling Padded Brigitte £45 

Urbanist Cycling Padded Brigitte.jpg

Riding comfortably in ‘normal’ clothes can either be a case of wearing standard underwear and finding the saddle a bit, erm, firm, or trying to hide a pair of padded shorts underneath civvies. These padded undergarments are just the thing. Fitting like pants (albeit big ones), they give padding without the bulk of shorts. Pretty funky too.

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Morvelo Women’s Prisma Stormshield Bib Knickers £115

Morvelo Womens Prisma StormShield Tights.jpg

Handmade in Europe, these are the consummate bib knickers for any cyclo-crosser, but are just as at home on the road or even under a pair of baggies for mountain biking. They’re a magic combination of thermally insulating high quality SuperRoubaix with effective water repellency to cater for the average British winter. These have all the bells and whistles any woman could want to keep her riding all through the dark times. 


Chapeau N’Eau Shower Gel £8.99

Chapeau Neau Shower gel.jpg

This water-free cleansing gel is a great stocking filler for the regular cycling commuter in your life. It’s anti-bacterial, towels off easily and evens removes chamois cream and embrocation apparently.

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Trek Silque SL £2,200

Trek Silque SL.jpg

There are a handful of models in the Silque range of road bikes, each offering a subtly different balance of components and performance. The women-specific carbon-framed SL is in the middle of the range, has a Shimano Ultegra drivetrain and comes in a good variety of sizes. If she’s a pink hater and can’t bear to look at the tiny flash of hot pink on what is overall a stylish black frame, then how about the understated matt charcoal Di2 version for only another £800?

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