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Christmas gifts for cyclists - cycling socks

Everyone loves socks, especially cyclists - here's a roundup of socks for Christmas gift ideas

Cyclists love socks - everyone knows that. And socks make great Christmas presents. Relatively inexpensive gifts, they’re always appreciated and will make any cyclist happy on Christmas morning. They make a great stocking filler or standalone present. 

Socks complete and make an outfit, an opportunity for you to be creative and add a splash of colour or keep it simple with clean white socks, then, of course,  there is the matter of length, classically short or on-trend calf high socks. We've pulled together some of the nicest socks that we reckon any cyclist would be happy to receive. Argyle socks £6.99


Okay, so a blatant plug here for our own socks, but if the cyclist in your life is a regular reader, then they'll really appreciate these socks. They’re available in black or white and have a low-cuff height and are made from a medium weight fabric.

Hoy Vulpine Stripe Socks £11.99


Stripes to reflect Sir Chris Hoy’s Olympic success,  these Hoy Vulpine socks will look good paired with a suit or cycling outfit. Made in Italy from a fast-drying wicking fabric that will keep your feet dry, with a panelled design to cushion your feet in key pressure hotspots.

SockGuy Chief Wool socks £11.95

sock guy chief wool.jpg

SockGuy has been leading the sock design trend for a good few years, and these Chief Wool socks are from its latest range. They’re made from TurboWool (maybe it’ll help you ride faster?) with a 50% merino wool blend.

Morvelo Blaze socks £9


Mind your eyes! Brighton-based clothing company Morvelo offers a smart range of stylish socks, but these Blaze socks are the most outlandish. And we love them for it. With a 5in cuff and made from Skinlife and Coolmax materials with added arch support.

Castelli Diverso socks £17


Christmas is a good time to give cosy winter socks, which these Castelli Diverso socks are, with a merino wool construction providing insulation. Plus they look rather fetching with an argyle pattern design as well.

Defeet Aireator Lion of Flanders socks £9.99


If the cyclist in your life is a fan of the spring classics like Tour of Flanders, then this loud pair of yellow socks adorned with the Lion of Flanders will go down very well. With a lightweight material and Aireator mesh, they’re breathable and fast-drying.

Giro HRC Team Cycling Socks £16.99


These long and bold coloured socks from Giro offer the claimed benefits of muscle compression and arch support which could keep cramp at bay. Besides that, they’re a fashionable length (tall) and available in some bright colours, just what you need on a bleak winter ride.

Gore Bike Wear Road Thermo Mid Socks £14.99

gore bike wear thermal socks.jpg

Well known for its waterproof jackets, these socks from Gore Bike Wear are made from wool enhanced with Lycra to provide both insulation and a good fit, with ventilation zones under the toes and left and right anatomical shapes.

4Shaw All Over 4 Ribbed Black $30 AUD


It was a tough job just to pick one sock design from 4Shaw’s range (there are about four or five we like) but these All Over 4 Ribbed Black socks definitely stand out with quite a lairy, colourful design. They’re made from Coolmax and nylon and come in four sizes.

Endura BaaBaa Merino socks 2 pack £14.24


With a merino wool construction, these amusingly named BaaBaa socks from Scottish firm Endura should provide winter warmth, and they have an anatomic fit and stretch arch support, and durable toe and heel sections so they last a long time. 

DeFeet Aireator Share The Road Socks £9.99


Sock specialist DeFeet does a huge line of styles and designs, and while browsing through its catalogue, these Share the Road socks caught our eye. They’re made from CoolMax EcoMade, a recycled fabric, so they’re better for the environment too.

Rapha Merino Patterned Socks bundle £35

rapha merino socks 2.jpeg

Patterned designs are in fashion at the moment, and Rapha is offering this triple pack of merino socks with a pattern inspired by barbershop poles for the winter.

Prendas Thermocool-carbon socks £7.95

prendas socks.jpg

Cycling socks can be expensive but Prendas offers this Thermocool-Carbon socks, ideal for autumn and early winter climes, for a reasonable price. The socks are made from a combination of Thermolite, Coolmax and Resistex fabrics to provide a durable sock with enough warmth for the winter.

TenSpeed Hero Glanum socks $14

TenSpeed Hero Glanum .jpg

Socks allow you to express yourself if you have a creative personality, and few brands offer a wider choice of boldly designed socks then TenSpeed Hero. A familiar name to some, TSH is two cycling mad photographers who have developed a unique range of cycle clothing, with a very strong design influence.  Socks seems to be what they do best, and these are a case in point. 

Maglianera Caleido Socks £15

Maglianera Caleido Sock.png

If it’s standing out that you want to do, you can’t go far wrong than these patterned socks. They have a 15cm high cuff with a reinforced heel and toe area and elastic arch support. Additionally, the socks are sold with a waterproof pouch.

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