Vitus through Chain Reaction is testing my cheque book

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With a little one on the way I am thinking of selling on the Bianchi to get one last good priced sportive ready road bike.

After the success of the single speed from Edinburgh Bikes I was interested in their £700 ish machine. Its a nice looking bike with good spec for the money and £100 of free accessories.


Revolution Continental Pro

I am not good at actually buying things though (or getting organised to sell bikes on to be honest!!) so nothing has moved in the ordering department...


But then today, the latest edition of Procycling magazine landed on the doormat and it was on opening it I viewed the latest range of Vitus bikes through Chain Reaction.

Maybe after last weekend podcast I am still bleary eyed for the 1980's and Sean Kelly in a Kas kit. But I saw a beauty in my likely price bracket...




Vitus Razor 2011

So now I am more motivated than ever to get to the new year and get the Bianchi on the classifieds.

Although knowing me I will probably change my mind and not upgrade...


Does anyone know much about either bike and can give me some details on the ride etc? 


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