We went fixie racing on a posh Bath street, and made a short vid...1:15Pulteney Express Looking to get more areo on the bike? these exercises might help...6:14Yoga series part 10: trunk Many muscle groups don't get used at all in cycling, including some in your hips. Here's how to exercise them.7:00Yoga series part 9: hips David Else takes in some of Hampshire's highlights on the Mega Meon route6:59Wiggle Super Series Mega Meon sportive recce Tight hamstrings are often a problem for cyclists, here's how to tackle them8:04Yoga series part 8: Hamstrings Cycling can leave you with tight hamstrings - try these exercises to restore full knee movement5:29Yoga Series part 7: Knees Joint freeing series: exercises for your ankles7:34Yoga Series part 6: Ankles Cycling can lead to muscle imbalances. Karen talks through the potential problems and corrective exercises10:07Yoga series part 5: Posture An introduction to joint freeing and muscle imbalances caused by cycling6:00Yoga series part 4: Joint freeing The Verenti-sponsored OS Mountain Mayhem sportive: we ride the 100km route4:01Mountain Mayhem sportive - the recce We ride Verenti's Carbon bike on the climb it's named for3:23Verenti Rhigos on the Rhigos New MTB flick from Anthill Films2:34Follow Me trailer Fixie's belt-driven wonder gets the TR treatment3:58Review: Fixie Inc Peacemaker - £1149.00 The Carlton Flyer from 1969 - look at those lugs!7:35The first Carbon bike? How does that clever eccentric axle work? Here's how!0:32White Industries ENO hub Karen introduces the key concepts of yogic breathing and explains why they can help cyclists5:54Yoga series part 3: breathing How yoga can benefit your riding3:46Yoga series part 2: Why yoga for cycling? Instructor Karen Burt introduces our series on Yoga for cyclists2:42Yoga series part 1: Introduction Prototype belt drive bike from Moulton: the Moulton Kickshift Belt drive2:33Moulton Kickshift Belt drive + Moulton Speed Stainless Shimano's new hub gear unveiled1:59Shimano Alfine 11 speed hub