Cyclist's Output Power

In stage 18 of the Giro, Nibali pedaled vertically for 1000 metres in 45 minutes.
By my calculation, using the formula;
power(watts)=mass(kg) x g(gravitational acceleration=9.8met/sec2) x height(metres), divided by time(seconds), and allowing an extra 20% for windage and rolling resistance, a 70kg rider(+bike) would work at an average rate of 304 watts. Does this sound right? Impressive since my horse weighs about 500kg.

Pioneer get into the power meter game

Electronics giant Pioneer launch into cycle market with their first product, a power meter

Brim Bothers power system moves closer to release + video

Cleat-based power measurement system scheduled for summer launch

Ride your favourite routes indoors with Minoura Live Training App

...and it allows you to train by power too

"Affordable" Laser Spoke power metre "kick start" project

Has anyone seen this new project? http://www.indiegogo.com/laser-spoke?c=home

The main benefit is that this is totally portable between bikes and wheels - if it works.

I was followed by them on Twitter today and took a look at the video. Seems an interesting idea but they are looking for £85k.

Also they say "affordable" but at a target price of £500 for the UK that still seems too much for a run of the mill cyclist like myself that would like to have power meter data but doesn't really need it that much. I can live with post ride data like Strava / Android for that sort of cost.

Wattbike: The best bits

It’s with a heavy heart that I have to tell you that the guys from Wattbike want their Wattbike back. I know; gutted. That’s my three-month loan period done and it’s out of here tomorrow.

So, before it goes, I thought I’d tell you what I’ve found the most useful features…

Winter training: there's still time!

Sometimes I feel I’ve got a lot to say, other times I think I’ll just end up having a whinge so it’s better not to start writing during those times as the resultant ramblings would make pitiful reading!

Pedal Based Power Monitoring

Ok, this is probably a post of interest to quite a narrow audience, but as I sit here in Koolstof Towers waiting (impatiently) for delivery of our first set of Look Power Pedals for stock (due in today), I started wondering what the general concensus is out there around pedal based power monitoring.

What Power Meter to Choose?

Im thinking of incorporating power into my training and have been trying to sum up which path to take. SRM, Powertap or one of the new pedal based systems. I am edging towards the powertap route as I want to use it on multiple bikes with the least amount of fuss, but would like others opinions on which route would be the best to take.