Cleaning products

Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit


Keeping your vision as clear as possible, the Oakley Lens Cleaning Kit is a good antidote to sweat and fingerprints.

If you've seen fit to spend an Oakley amount of money on eyewear, and we'll be honest here and say that we agree that there's a massive mark up on these glasses, but at the same time we've never used any that are - when all is said and done, better - then you ought to look after them in the best possible way.

Motorex Protex Spray


Stuff being waterproof is great, especially in the UK, so anything that makes more stuff more waterproof should be welcomed. This Motorex Protex spray promises to waterproof a range of fabrics, but ultimately the performance is a bit disappointing.

Motorex Helmet Care


The Motorex Active Foam works well to get your bike helmet clean and smelling fresh.

Okay, no schoolboy jokes about helmet care, please. This stuff really works. Judging by the picture on the front, it is aimed primarily at motorcyclists, but it works equally well with cycling helmets.

What you do is spray the stuff and it immediately foams up. It looks like hair mousse, if you're the sort of metrosexual individual who knows about such things. You leave it to work its magic for a couple of minutes then wipe it off with a dry cloth. Easy-peasy.

Muc-Off Drivechain cleaner


Muc-Off drivetrain cleaner is a fast-acting grime shifter useful for cleaning more than just your drivetrain. It's pourable, biodegradable and recyclable but all that comes at a price.

It's a stage 1 product in Muc-Off's three step 'clean – protect – lube' programme. It comes in a 500ml bottle for twelve of your fine English pounds putting it at the premium end of premium chain cleaners – a full 25% more per volume than Finish Line's offering at RRP.

Muc-Off Ultimate bicycle care kit


The Muc-Off Ultimate Bicycle Kit brings together bike cleaning pioneer Muc-Off's main products to cover all stages of bike cleaning. Let's see if it's better than my usual bucket, sponge and washing up liquid.

Green Oil Eco Sponge


Green Oil's Eco Sponge is good for dealing with stubborn, congealed gunge and grime, but the fibrous pad demands regular rinsing to prevent ingrained grit and similar contaminants scratching delicate surfaces, so proceed with particular caution around carbon fibre and similar finishes.

Imported from the Philippines as a fair trade product, the 'Sponge' is a by-product of the Luffa plant whose identity lies somewhere between a shredded wheat cereal and bath-side exfoliant.

Purple Harry Bike Floss


As a polishing zealot I appreciated Purple Harry Bike Floss and its straight from the packet grime purging practicality. Available in three versions (including a carbon friendly fleece) these pipe cleaners on steroids will speed your steed to a showroom shine, refresh those parts traditional brushes cannot reach and better still, theyre made right here in Blighty.

Green Oil Bicycle Brush


Reverend Audane here; dropping by to report that Green Oil Bicycle Brush makes short work of post-ride clean ups, effortlessly purging the demon filth from tyres, rims, cassettes and other drivetrain components. However, contrary to the blurb, prolonged testing suggests the biodegradable bristles aren't the kindest to thinner frame finishes, or indeed the latest generation of sophisticated polymer handlebar coverings.

Finish Line Gear Floss


Describing Finish line Gear floss as the ultimate finishing tool might be pushing things a bit but they'd make a great gift for the rider who's otherwise impossible to buy for.

Brunox Carbon Care Finishing Spray 100ml


According to the blurb, Brunox Carbon Care not only cleans, polishes and repels dust but also displaces harmful humidity, which is damaging to the epoxy resin and therefore component integrity- fork failure can prove fatal after all, but then again we've never seen any warnings about not riding your carbon bike in the rain or indeed about taking it in the sauna.