Bar ends

KCNC Bar ends


Bar ends are a great addition to any flat bar set up and even the heaviest ones don't add much weight to your bike. These impossibly light KCNC sticks do the job just fine, look a bit flash and are more robust than you'd think.

Mucky Nutz Draught Bar Tabs


If like me, you enjoy cycling and also enjoy a good ale (never together of course, well maybe just a few but always responsibly) what better way to celebrate the union of such pleasurable past times than to have something on your bike that advertises your favourite tipple. These Mucky Nutz bar end caps stop the open cavity at each end of your handlebars from performing as a pizza cutter but to top things off, literally, they allow the metal cap from a beer bottle to be pressed on. Genius!

Smica Bar Ends


Weighing a svelte 58g per pair these Smica bar ends are a good choice for weight watchers and a boon for riders with small hands.

Constructed from forged 3D 7075 T6 head treated Aluminium and with a micro-grooved finish, they provide comfortable and secure grip in all conditions, with or without gloves. The ergonomic end plugs provide the ideal perch for thumbs where they naturally fall. Measuring a mere 85mm they’re not the best choice for riders with larger hands or longer fingers: my hands felt a little cramped at times.

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