Wipperman Chain tool


Now this looks neat, a compact chain-tool that could be discreet enough to hide in a seat-pack but sturdy enough to be genuinely worthwhile if anything goes wrong on the road, with the handy selling point of having a life-saving split-link compartment hidden in the body with actual split-links in it. Plus it's from the chain-meisters Wippermann so they should know what they're doing, especially as they're (national stereotype alert) German.

Looks can be deceiving.

Wipperman Connex 10SG 10-speed chain


In a market dominated by big names, chainls like the Wipperman Connex sometimes find it hard to get a look-in. But this chain is worth a look-at. In fact, it's hard to ignore. Mainly because the 10sG appears to be made of gold.

We'll come back to the colour in a moment. The other thing that's striking about this chain is the shape of the outer plates. Compared to most other chains, where the plates are pretty much a figure-of-eight, on this chain they're less indented, with virtually straight edges on top and bottom.

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